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SHIPPING MAILS THE NEW YCftK SUN, FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1934. WEATHER REPORTS 15 On the Sun Deck A Movie Actress Called Constance Bennett * Sails in the Steamship Paris. i By JOHN McCLAIN. As early as ten-thirty yesterday morning people began to assemble in the foyer of the Paris in anticipation of the appearance of Constance Bennett, who was booked to sail. At first there were only a couple of photographers, but pretty soon a horde of small, beady-eyed ladies and gentle­ men with paper and pencil began to arrive. The ship was to go at noon, and before eleven-thirty there must have been one hundred people waiting (we almost said a good one hundred). There ia a peculiar look about a person with a celebrity fetish, a look so hungry, ao thwarted, ae to set him apart from the crowd. Such a one «« none of the gayety of the. occasion, catches none of the holiday spirit. On his face no smile flickers. Instead, there Is an ex­ pression of intense eagerness, like a eat watching a baby bird totter­ ing on the edge of its nest. This scene, to him, is no nonsense; this Is business. He is there to get a signature on a certain immortal bit of paper, or in a hallowed book, and he cannot afford to be swept off his feet by delirium. He has a task to perform, and if he loses his head it may mean the collapse of his well-laid plans. • • • When Miss Bennett did, indeed, appear it was 11:40 and the auto­
graph brigade was distinctly nerv­ ous. There was noise from the pier like an impending riot, a low and menacing roll of voices, and then up the gangplank came the advance guard: camera men back­ ing up and shooting on the run, the rear-pedaling hosts of admirers who had waited on the pier and joined in the rush, stewards who had been ordered to clear the way and had become slightly enveloped themselves and a battery of press agents and managers attempting to look matter-of-fact and uncon­
cerned. The entire mass play swept into the foyer, started in the wrong di­ rection, stopped, collected itself and hurried down the companionway toward Suite 54. As it went, the ensemble gathered numbers like a rolling anowball: photographers, reporters, stray porters, stewards and idle visitors who came to seek excitement and found it, suddenly, to their dismay. At the Bennett door two large stewards and private detectives stood guard, while a press agent just inside gave orders: "Okeh, he s from The Sun" or "Let him in. he's from our office." The others were thrust rudely to one side, paper, pencil and all. • • • It developed, when we finally saw her, that Miss Bennett was attired in black. We forget just what the technical names for the cloths and furs were, but they were what we often call soignee, never knowing quite what we are saying. Her hat had a double brim, however, and was much admired by the lady reporters. In the living room she turned suddenly and flashed a very red and white smile. "Now don't ask me all those personal questions because I won't answer them," she announced. "We understand," said a re­ porter, "but you must understand that there are some things we have to ask you, anyway." "Yes?" "We understand you are getting a divorce from the Marquis de la Falais abroad and that you will then marry a producer. Is that true?" "I hardly know the producer they have connected my name with." said Miss Bennett. "Will your husband Join you?" "I'll see him, if that's what you mean." "Is your son with you?" "He's not here." "Well, is he sailing? His name is on the list." "If you know, why do you ask me?" "There is no domestic trouble, then?" "Absolutely none." At that point some French speaking gentlemen entered the suite and addressed the star, wishing her, in French, a very pleasant vacation. She replied in very rapid French, thanking them and telling them she would be back in two or three months. Then there was some confusion about her trunks getting on board and when that was settled the photographers appeared, beg­
ging her to come up on deck. The interview, if it could be called that, was finished. • • • When the press men and ladies gathered in the foyer to compare notes, just before the ship sailed, one of the lady scribes spoke up- "She must be a very strong girl," the lady scribe said. "Why?" stooged one of the male reporters. "It must take a pretty strong girl to carry around such a large bag of chips," said the lady scribe, who has been a long time in the news­
paper business. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE WEATHER MAP T*,M. EXPLANATORY NOTES (§)»NOW 0CliM ©ClOVOV <§)*AiN X*u* fj££& £•« SJS&B AMOWI FtvjMITM WittO PIGURf » AT STATIONS TILL TtM»(BATUR99 •LACK LIMtS AMI OMAWN TMMOUO" WHIM •AftOMSTI* MIAOS THt SAMS AILYMAP OS UNITED STATES EATHER BUREAU L *uy wV IM4 Today's Calendar THJTwEATHBB Fair tonight and tomorrow; warmer tomorrow; moderate) ooutlv erly winds. TODAY'S RECORD Qf TRIS CtTt. Tem» • A. at W S A. M M IS A. M CI 11 A. M ss II M 11 I r. M ia i P. M is a r. M ie Temperaturee one y*»r «ge 'odey est. 79 degrees; lowttt, 49 degree*, M It 41 41 51 •a 01 M.«e se.4* n GENERAL DATA. Tempera****. Mean yesterday Departure from normal ........ Departure since January 1 • ...t Normal thtfc date Highest mean this date I.imm mean this data Hlgheet thla date Lowest this date Prerlpltatlea. Day* with rain thla data Total thla month to data ....... Departure from normal ........ Total einre January 1 Departure from normal Normal (or thla month Greatest amount this month 1M2—167r> Least amount thla month 0.51—1916 u -rll —55 Tl . to 69 9*0-1691 611-1912 14 1.T4 -:.«• 39.3S -i.ii 4.3* SHIPPING NEWS ALMANAC FOR NEW YORK, AUGUST 31. THE SEX. Riea*. A.M. 6:21 Sets. P.M. 6.31 THE MOON. THE TIDES. Governors Bandy Hook. Island. Hell Gate. A. M. P. M. A. M. P. M. A. M. P. M. High wster.12 11 12:40 1:01 1:28 9:20 9:51 Low water. 6 24 7:13 7:01 603 S:M 10:39 The tima given in the above table la Eastern Standard time end Is furnished by the United State* Coast and Geodetic Survey. Add on* hour for Daylight Saving Urn*. rises. P.M. 10:14 Sets. P.M. 1:16 STEAMERS DUE AT NEW YORK. (Arrival times are from the lines' office* her* and are subject to change because of weather conditions.) The hour* below are Daylight Savins tana. TODAT. Steamers Prom Tier ATlJkNTIDA, Standard Fruit La Ceiba 99 EB. Peck Slip. 9:99 AM BKREN4JARIA, Cunard- .Southampton August 25. Puerto Cortex White Star. DAICIKN, United Fruit (.Klim.E WASHINGTON, Old Dominion MONARCH OF BERMIDA. Kuril.«s Bermuda KOTTKRDAM, Holland-
America SHAWNEE. CIvde-MaUory.. TRANSYLVANIA, Cunard- Anchor Canada, Bermuda cruise TOMORROW <11TXJ>* ST JM:iS. Savannah...Savannah August 29 .14 KB. W 34th st. 19:35 AM ...3 NR, Mori is St. 3:36 TM Norfolk August 30.. ...Bermuda August 29. West Indies Miami August 28.. ..16 NR, Franklin st. 4:66 PM ..95 NR, XV With St. 9:66AM ...5th at, Hnnnken. Site AM ...34 NR, Canal St. 9:69 PM ..96 NR, W 14th at. 9:99 PM Tomorow to BaWarmmr, hat r Thar* la No *->emts« for Labor Day. ..46 NR, Charles at. ...Havana August 29 13 ER, Wall st. .Hamburg August 22....96 NR, W 20th St. . ..Norfolk August 31....18 NR, Franklin at. 1:66 AM 6:36 AM Culbertson on Contract There to a certain very pug- nacioua typa of player who Just loves to make a vindictive alam double. There are few calls so gratifying to the bridge sadist—and few which so often resemble the well-known process of cutting off one's nose to discountenance one's faee. Aa I have often pointed out, the noninformatory type of double is often most informatory, and proper allowance for this fact should be made before taking the fatal plunge. The double may steer Declarer into a makable slam contract in another suit or in no trump, or it may, by locating the outstanding trumps, give him the clew to a finesse, or even a series of finesses, which otherwise would be unthinkable. For this reason It is a good rule not to double a slam contract in a suit unless your trump tricks are absolutely certain and, in addition, a successful slam in another auit or in no trump ia impossible. In the following hand West's double gave South the key to a successful finesse not only against the jack, but against the nine as well, thus enabling him to fulfill with ease a contract which would not otherwise have been fulfilled by any one but a very lucky lunatic The Haad. 9:66 AM 4:66 PM PM 7:66 PM 4:60 PM 5:00 t M MORRO CASTLE. Ward PRESIDENT HARDING, United States ROBERT E LEE, Old Dominion STATENDAM. Holland- America Rotterdam August 25 Mh st. Heaekea. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER S. C'HAMPLAIN. French Havre AuguM 18... .87 NR, W 15th at MAt>I*ON. OH Pomlnlnn , Norfolk Per-temher 1 t8 NR. Franklin at YERAGLA, United Fruit Fort Limon August -*> 1 NR, Rector st DEPARTURE OF VESSELS. TODAT. Steamer* Sail* For Pier Malla Clo. ACADIA Eastern S S 6:66 PM. .Yarmouth.... 19 NR, Murray at. 9:36PM AMERICAN PARMER, American Merchant 4:99 PM BEBENGAB1A, cunard-Wlilt* Star MMalght DETTOCHLAND, Hamburg-American 9:69 PM El BOP A North German Midnight FLORIDA Eastern S 8 6:06 TM GEOBGIC Cunard-Whit* Star S:06PM •ABOLD WALKER. R L Hague KOSCtCaZSO ....Gdynia-America 16:66PM LACONIA .. .Cunard-Whlt* Star 6:66 PM LEVIATHAN U S Unea MleMghc MADISON Old Dominion 1:66PM. .London.. .Halifax.. .89 NB. W 19th at. .94 NB. W 14th SL South—Dealer. North-South vulnerable, 8—A 10 9 H-K J 19 10 D-A9 t-KO S a—!»7«i H-Q9 4 D-5 t-JMI South 1 S 4 D iHT 7 S 1 1 1 4 N W E S t-KQS H-A7S tr-KQJ C-A S-
H-«l D-19S7S4I C-109719 IS S The Blddla*. Wei Pas Pas Pas Dbl Jt No 8 SI s 4 1 s «e Pa rth < ** T 1 so East Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass It was inevitable that a grand olam should be reached after South, with his 4H honor-tricks, heard North make a forcing take­ out which guaranteed at least 34 more. As soon as South heard of CONTRACT BRIDGE TEACHERS sfMrrS Vrmrfnu. Wtd**«#N»V * FfMov North's adequate trump support in spades, with all four aces placed by the 4-5 no trump convention, South knew that the combined hands contained eight spades headed by the A K Q, and since the chances are approximately two to one that five outstanding trumps will be divided 8-2, there is no doubt but that the contract of seven spades was correct. The Flap. West's double is the only fac­
tor imaginable which eould have allowed the contract to be made. By no conceivable reasoning could South have failed to play the spade king as the first trump lead. But after the double, when West opened the four of clubs, South had only to look at his hand and the Dummy to see that there could be no card with which West might hope to win a trick outside of the trump suit. With only four trumps to the jack West would surely fear the loss of his guarded honor through a finesse; so West obviously must have had five trumps and East would be void. After winning the club ace on the first round. South, therefore, led a spade and, when West played low, finessed the eight. Since East showed out the subsequent play was simple. The ace of hearts con­ stituted an entry to take a second spade finesse and a diamond lead to the Jack put South in again to draw West's remaining trumps. At this point South needed to exercise some care lest he be blocked. On the king of spades a small heart was thrown; on the queen of spades, the last trump led, It was necessary for South to discard Dummy's diamond ace. This un­ blocked the diamond suit and the king and queen of diamonds could be led, furnishing discards for two more of Dummy's hearts. Now the king of hearts and king and queen of clubs in Dummy won the last three tricks. Through this extreme case we find an admirable illustration of how Important the bidding can be in determining when and how to finesse. In most cases information received from the bidding can tell only which opposing hand should bo assumed to hold a missing king or queen; but the range of informa­
tion extends to the point illustrated above in which the first finesse is for a nine-spot MABTHABA...Interna Freighting 11:66 AM. MEDEA Royal Netherlands 6:66 PM. MONABCH OF BERMUDA, Furness Bermuda 9:99 PM. .Bermuda.. ROTTERDAM.. ..Holland-America 6:66 PM. Halifax... SANTA LUCIA Grace 7:66 PM. .Seattl*.... TOMORROW. AMERICAN IMPORTER. IT i Line* 11:66 AM. .Liverpool. ATLANTIDA Standard Frjlit 8:06 PM. .La Ceiba. CAMERON1A Ounard-Anchor Sim. .Glasgow.. CHATEAU THIERRY. .U P A T 11:36 AM. .Crtetobal. .Bermuda 96 NR. W 4«th at. .Bremen 96 NR, W 44th *u 9:99 PM .Portland 19 NB, Murray at. —— .Bermuda 69 NB, W 14th *L .Aruba..B«Ma's Dry Deck, Rim. 9:99 AM .Halifax 30th at. Bklya. —— .Liverpool....M MB. W 14th at. —— .Havre 59 NB, W 19th at. 9:99 PM .Norfolk IS NB, Franklin at. — .Pemambuco, 9 Bklya, EH* Baskt. 9:99 AM .Maracalbo, IS Bklya, foot Montagu* at 9:90 PM .99 KB. W SSth st 3:99 PM ...Sth st, Hefcekea. .91 NR. W 21st at. 4:96 PM CONTB DI SAVOIA Italian N«m. DARtEN United Fruit N**a. GENERAL VON STEtBEN, North German 11:99 AM. GEORGE WASHINGTON. Old Dominion 1:66 PM. HAWAIIAN.. .American-Hawaiian 9:99 PM. INGBIA 3 W Elwell KM*. MORRO CASTLE Ward 4:96PM-
ROSALIND... .Furness Red Cross 11:66 AM • RAN JACINTO Porto Rico N**ei. SANTA MARIA Grace Nana .99 NR, W 19th st. 7:69 AM ..16 ER, Peck Slip. 9:36 AM .96 NR. W 14th st. 9:96 AM Mth st, Bklya. Genoa IS NB. W 18th st. 9:99 AM Puerto Cortes. .9 KB, Morrl* st. 9:39 AM .Bremen 94 NB. W 44th st 1:09AM Norfolk 95 NB. Franklin st —— .Pacific Coast. S Bash Docks, Bklya, 42d at. 1:96 PM Barcelona 56th at, Bklya. 9)96 AM Havana 14 EB, Wall at. 1:36 PM .«t John'a....74 NB. W 34th at. 9:96 AM Sanches.. 15 RB, Maiden Lane. 6:66 AM Valparaiso, 33 Bklvn, Hamilton tv. 9:66 AM Jacksonville....34 NB, Canal st. Santa Marts...9 NR, Rector st. 9:36 AM 56 NR, W 14th at. — .6th st. Hebeken. 9:99 AM SHAWNEE Clyde-Mallory N**a TOLOA United Fruit N«*w TBANSVLVANlA..Cunard-Anchor 1:66 PM. .Bermuda UNITED 8TAT95B Smndin'uvlan-Anwrlcan 11:96 AM. .Copenhagen. WEST C4WTHON American 'South African 8:66 TM. .Belra.7 Bash DkaJBkn, 41st st. M:36 PM WESTEBN WORLD Munson 9:66 rM. .Buenos Aires.94 NR, W 24th st. 11:66 AM BT WIRELESS. pected at pier "7, North River (Rector st), Thursday forenoon The United States father Bu­ reau map of weather conditions contained cheering newe oday for the first part of the Ls>or Day week end, but indicated lea favor­
able conditions for SundW and Monday. Dr. James H. Hinbali, official forecaster, predicted Using temperatures throughout the \ew York area tomorrow, with souther­ ly winds likely to bring back a brief spell of real summer weath*-. The southern winds, however, wfj | also bring clouds, Dr. Kimball said,! but he does not expect rain. It was yet too far in advance to forecast weather conditions for Sunday and Monday, the forecaster said. He is inclined to expect cloudy and cooler weather on Sunday and possibly Monday. He pointed out, however, that much can happen to change conditions in the meantime and did not place too much stress on his preliminary predictions. Todsy parts of New York, north­
ern Pennsylvania. New Jersey and New England felt the touch of the premature autumn. Light to heavy frosts were report­
ed at Ithaca and Scran ton. At Westerly, Staten Island, the tem­ perature this morning sank to 46 degrees. The map shows rain or shower areas in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Maine and parts of east­ ern Canada, west from Lake Mich­
igan to Montana, the Dakotas and Nebraska, and in New Mexico and Arizona. The Weatern States have been suffering from drought all summer and have been parched with auccessive heat waves. Now a change to colder extends oveH the Dakota* and Nebraaka, with a change to warmer spreading east to the Appalachians. The cause of the cold weather is a high pressure area central over the lower Great Lakes, which ap­ parently is bringing huge vol­
umes of chilled air into the north­ern prairie country. The northwest high pressure area haa developed eastward to Hudson Bay and south­ ward over Montana. The West­ern low is central over the middle Missouri Valley. A temperature of 36 degrees waa reported this morn­
ing in Calgary, Alberta. Helena, Mont., was not much warmer with a reading of 44 degrees. Down in the Gulf of Mexico the disturbance which has boon menac­
ing Gulf towns still threatens. Winds along the Atlantic Coast are moderate northeast from Jackson­
ville to the Delaware Capes, and from there to Westport, Me., mod­
erate north to northwest. GENERAL FORECAST. WASHINGTON, D. C, Aug. SI.— Eastern New York—Fair; not quite so cool in southwest and east cen­
tral pactions tonight; Saturday partly cloudy and warmer; probably showers ia northwest portion. New Jersey—Fair and continued cool tonight; Saturday fair and slightly warmer. Connecticut—Fair and continued cool tonight; Saturday fair and slightly warmer, moderate north­
erly winds tonight becoming gentle to variable Saturday. Along the Wine Trail Alcohol No Mea&ure of Excellence in Boer— SwtMnHo Sticka for Trailer a — Recipee. •y C. SELMER FOUCNEK Following are weather •beervations taken at S A. M„ Eastern Standard time, seventy-fifth meridian Una* today, for th* past twenty-four hours. Temperature Rainfall laat 24 lira. Barom-last Itatlona. High. Low, *ter.24hrs.We*ther I" New Tork city 70 Albsny 99 Abilene 96 Atlanta 80 Atlantic City. 70 72 64 ft* 68 SO 74 7« 64 92 M 70 84 Baltimore Bismarck f loaton ... luffalo .. Charleston Odcago .. "V-lnnatl •''•»land l'»«U ... Hen*,. ... r),,,r4» ... CalveVm liam.iki.Bei. 84 Havana^uba — Helena ..... 7ft Indlanapa,., 7s Jaoksonvfa. 74 Kansss rk. as Los Angeles, s-j Miami *2 Milwaukee . .<u) Minneapolis.. Montrea New Orleans Norfolk OklahomaCity 64' 74 Fenaacnll 56 44 78 64 64 »2 66 52 50 64 62' Ml 52 74 62 4ft 90 74 44 56 70 72 58 74 64 90.40 30.46 29.96 .70.29 90.39 90.99 26.94 30.40 90.36 90.24 30.16 30.24 30.30 80.64 96.62 30.30 90.00 2!».»4 26.68 30.14 30.20 90.16 29.6ft 29.62 39.98 — Clear — Clear — Cloudy 42 Clear — Clear — Clear .09 Cloudy — Clear — pt. cidy — Clear — Cloudy — Clear — Clear — Pt. Cldy — Cloudy — Pt. Cldy — Clear .90 Rain — Pt.Cldy — Cloudy — Clear .99 Clear — Pt. ridy — Clear 94 Cloudy polls., vj Aft tl ....\ 4ft rleane. § 7s I*) «4 AMERICAN MERCHANT sailed from Lon- B1AN RATTAN. 4 COCKTAIL AWAIT* TOC AT THE •* Opening of the Mlllhurn Bridge Club, :t2 West "«th St.. Wednesday evening, P-.pt. Sth. For reservation call RUTH C A BRA MS. ENrtirott 2-10"ft. /'ONTRACT BRHM.E RV CERTIFIED Ihertson teacher. Beginners a m>e- '•altv. Wall ftreet location, Classe* 5:15. V .il* J*nn, 2*0 R'way. M M*. TAVI.ORH OIIIRM, 2U WEST mnh. inclination and rtupllraie g*m»« «'!.»rk*on 2-.*t».?K5. RRONX. IOHN H%.RT UTiTtnt. rm •RMWR K, •" nt'RRER BBtnOR nnlj-, during au- 1 swat BAvmonrt ft-Tnfit Copyright, 10.14, Ely Culhertson. QUESTIONS ANSwEBEB. Questions on bidding and pis* win be answered If addressed to Contract Bridge Editor and accompanied by a self.addressed stamped envelop*. Princess Juliana's Engagement Rumored THE HAOT.TE. Aug. 81 (A. P >. - The rnRajrpmrnt of Prlnr*>ss Juli- nna nnri Prince Carl BertII of Swe­den may be announced after the return of Queen Wilhelmina from Norway, it was said today In a re- liahle quarter. Court officials refused to deny I rumors linking the names of the pair. don todsy tor New York AMEBICAN TRADER, from London. Is expected at pt*r 58, North River (16th st), Monday forenoon. AMOR (Dutrh), from Maracalbo, Is ei- pected at Montague at, Brooklyn, Mon­day forenoon. AQI ITANIA (Br), from New Tork, ar­ rived at Southampton today. BOBINQfJEN, from Santo Domingo via San Juan, la expected at pier 27, North River (Hubert *t), Monday forenoon. BREMEN (Oer), from New Tork, arrived at Southampton today. CALEDONIA (Rr), from Glasgow via Bel­ fast and Boston, Is expected at pier M, North River (14th *t), Thursday fore­
noon. CARACAS, from Maracalbo via Pan .Man. is expected at Furman at, Brooklyn, Tuesday forenoon. CALIFORNIA 1 Br 1 sailed from Quebec today for Bermuda. CREROREE, from Jacksonville via Charleston, Is espected at pier 34, North River 1 Cans 1 st), Monday forenoon. C1TT OF BIRMINGHAM, from Savannah. Is expected at pier 46. North River (Charles st). Monday forenoon. CITY OF MONTGOMERY, from Savannah, la expected at pier 4ft, North River (Charles at), Thursday forenoon. CRISTOBAL, from Cristobal via Port au Prince, la expected at pier 65, North River (25th st). Tuesday forenoon. EXETEB, from New York, arrived at Gi­ braltar Wednesday. EXOCROBDA, from Mediterranean via Boston. Is expected at pier F, Jersey City. Wednesday forenoon. FORT ST GEORGE (Br), from Rt Johns via Halifax, is expected at pier 74, North River (34th at), Thursday forenoon. FREDERIR VIII (Dan) sailed from Copen­ hagen today for New Tork. GRANADA (Hond), from La Ceiba, Is es­ pected at pier 20, East River (Peek Blip), Monday forenoon. GRIPSROLM (9wed). from New York, ar­ rived at Bermuda today. C.RirSHOI.M (Swed), from Bermuda, Is expected at pier 97, North River (57th at). Tuesday forenoon. HAMBl'BG iC.er) sailed from Cherbourg trwlsv tor New York. II,E DE FRANCE (Fr). from Havre via Plymouth, is expected at pier 57, North Riser (l.'th It), Tuesday forenoon. ROMGSTEIN (Oer), from Antwerp via Havre, is expected at pier D, Weenaw- ken. New Jersey, Monday forenoon. MAJESTIC (Rr). from Southampton vis Cherbourg, is expected at pier 54. North River (14th st). Tuesday forenoon. MANHATTAN sailed from Cobh today for New York. MANHATTAN, from Hamburg via Havre. Southampton and Cobh. is expected at pier 61. North River (21st at), Thursday forenoon. MARTINIQUE, from rape Hsltlen, Is ex­ pected st Orange st, Brooklyn, Thurs­
day forenoon. MAIRF.TAN1A (Br), from West Indies, Is expected at pier M, North River (14th St), Mondav forenoon. Mil WAt KKf rriST) sailed from Boulogne lorlav for New York. MOHAWK, from fiaheston via Miami, la expected at pier "6, North River (Spring at 1, TueMav forenoon. .vrRATtALM iRn, fiom Montreal, arrived st Liverpool >ei>ttrds>. MONTCLABE (Br> sailed from Southamp­ ton yesterday for Montreal. •ISA (ran), from Puerto Cartas, hi «• NORTHERN PRINCE (Br), from Buenos Aires via Santos, Rio Janeiro and Trini­ dad. Is expected at 434 st, Brooklyn, Wednesday forenoon. OBIZABA, from Vera Crux via Havana, la expected at pier 14, Eaat River (Wall st). Tuesday forenoon. OBMES, from Demerare, I* expected at pier 40, North Blver (Clarkaon at), Mon­day forenoon. PAN AMEBICA, from New York, arrived at Rio Janeiro today. PA9TORE*, from Cristobal via Port an Prince, la expected at pier 9, Eaat Blver (Coentles Slip). Monday forenoon. PENNLAND (Br), from Antwerp via Havre and Southampton, Is expected at pier 60. North River (19th st), Monday forenoon. PENNSYLVANIA, from Ssn Frsnelseo via Crlstohsl and Havana, is expected at pier 61, North Blver (21st at), Monday forenoon. PRESIDENT JEFFEBSON sailed from Manila yesterday for Seattle. PRE*n>ENT ROOSEVELT, from New York, arrived at Plymouth y*eterday. Qt'EEN OF BERMIDA (Br), from Ber­ muda, la expected at pier 95, North River (55th at), Tuesday forenoon. ROMA (Ital), from New Tork, arrived at Gibraltar today. ST LOOTS (Oer), from Hamburg via Bou­ logne and Galway, in expected at pier 84, North River (44th st), Monday forenoon. SAN JUAN, from San Juan, Is expected at pier 15, Eaat River (Maiden Lane), Monday forenoon. SANTA INEZ from Valparaiso via Cris­ tobal, Is expected at Hamilton av, Brook­
lyn, Tuesday forenoon. SEMINOLE, from Jacksonville via Charleston, Is expected at pier 34. North River (Canal st). Tuesday forenoon. L'LCA, from Port Llmon vis Cristobal and Havana, la espected st pier T. North River (Bector et), Wednesday forenoon. •AN RENSSELAER (Dutch), from Port au Prince, la espected at Montague at, Brooklyn, Monday forenoon. VOLENDAM (Dutch), from Bermuda, la expected at Sth et, Hoboken. Monday forenoon. ROBBIE DENIES STORY Soya Sho Did Not Adviao Johnaon to Quit. WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (A. P.).~ Miss Frances Robinson, adminis­ trative assistant to Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, denied today reports that she had counseled the NRA chief to make a dramatic exit from the recovery administration. "Gen. Johnson haa a mind of his own and a strong one, and he cer­
tainly doesn't need any counsel from a little stick like me," Miss Robinson said. "There Is no truth to the reports." Miss Robinson returned to the capital today from Bethany Beach, Del., where Gen. Johnson has been on a vacation for a few days. Just Like Home. FRANKLIN, Pa.-Attaches at the Venango County Jail are proud of their Institution's facilities and menu. They point out that Russell A. Graham, 17, who goes on trial next week for the slaying of his father, has gained nearly twenty-five pounds since his arrest several months ago. Philadelphia Pittsburgh Portland, Me. 66 Portland, Ore. 76 Raleigh 74 Halt Lake City 62 San Antonio. 94 San Diego... 72 San Francisco 62 Savannah .. Seattle St. Louis... Tampa Washington. Winnipeg • • •4 T2 T4 y 72 90.16 Trace Rain .04 Cloudy — Clear — Clear — Pt. Cldy — Cloudy — Clear — Clear • Clear — Clear — Cloudy — Clear — Clear — Pt. Cldy — Pt.Cldy — Cloudy .09 Clear — Clear — Clear M 1.99 Clear 36.36 _ dear 90.04 \_ Cloudy ECROPEAN WEA (Observetione taken t A. M Bar^t*r/;eampet !'. 2S.9S SB ... 2694 69 .. 99.97 64 .. 30.09 59 London. Paris... Berlin.. Vienna. Moscow COO CASE DELAY MAY BE EXTENDED i Doctors Uncertain if Judge Recover by Monday. COOPERSTOWN, Aug. tl (A. P.).—Although the murder trial of Mrs. Eva Coo Is scheduled to be resumed Monday, physicians were not at all certain today that Su­ preme Court Justice Riley H. Heath, presiding Judge, would be sufficiently recovered from his at­ tack of Influenza to go ahead then. Dr. Harry L. Cruttenden said he would call on Justice Heath today and see if he could tell when he would be able to go back on the bench. He consulted with Dr. James Greenough yesterday on the Jus­ tice's condition, but th^y decided to wait until today for a further ex­ amination. Justice Heath was re­
ported to have had a high tempera­
ture during the night. . While the trial was being held up, the Sheriff decided to let the jurors visit their homes to see their families for a few minutes. Seven of the jurors were to be taken in a group today on a trip through the county, stopping at the home of each for a abort visit They were not to be allowed out of the presence of the officer In charge. The remaining jurors will bo taken on a similar tour tomorrow. They have not seen their families for nearly three weeks. On tha table spraad tba ciotb, Lat tba knives be sharp and clean; Pickles get, and salad both. Let them eacb be fresh and green. With small beer, goad ale and wine, O ye gods; How I shall dine! ANON. To the "Trailer" who complained that old-timers no longer could drink as many glasses of present-day lager beer as of the pre-Volstead variety, the suggestion is of- fered that he continue his quest until he finds the beer which will suit his palate. Unless his gustatory capacity has been completely corrupted by his interim prohibition experience, he will find a considerable number of fine beers that are Just aa deserv­ ing of his praise as he found be­ fore the dry era. This opinion, confirmed by most of the important brewers, is volun­ teered by ono of the outstanding leaders of the industry, William Piel, preeident of Piel Bros., from whom tho "Trail" has sought an expression of views on the com­
plaints voleed by our correspond­ ent. "The brewers of fame and repu­
tation," aays this authority, "are making the aame beers that they did before prohibition and in the same way. "Good lager beer varies in alco-
holio content, from approximately 3.6 to S per cent of alcohol by volume, depending entirely on its type. Alcohol ia an incidental con­stituent of beer, the amount of it varying with the type of beer made. Alcohol la not a meaaure of excel­lence but is a characteristic of the type of beer made, varying in amount with the type produced. "There are, here and there, brewers, newcomers in the indus­
try, or successors in spirit to the bootlegger, some of whom persist, who talk of the alcohol in lager in terms of proof spirits, and thus speak of an 8 per cent beer alco-
holieally, and there are a few brewers who are chargeable either with Ignorance or unscrupulous- ness, who advertise still higher per­
centages, even up to '12 per cent.' "Only the cheaper or Inferior lagera are made from syrups and adjuvants, or substitutes for malt Itself. The general charge of fail­
ure properly to lager beer is un­ true. Brewers of reputation and long standing maintain honorable standards and lager their beers properly. Brews of superiority and high quality, of course, are lagered for longer periods—again the lager-
ing period varying according to the type of beer brewed. "We doubt that any brewer today is selling cold water beer, unless the Internal Revenue Service has failed somewhere to uncover a sur­
viving bootlegger, still operating as he did during the Volstead period. Such beer taken from the ferment-
er o*d forthwith, carbonated really constitute a fraud on the public. It probably ia a Better beer than the well made home brew at that, but neither Is really fit and safe for human consumption—especially In hot weather periods. Tour correspondent might quick-explore the market for brewers' ins to negative his assumption tint these are not available at pres- en\ day breweries. The statement ia utterly untrue and probably based either on misinformation or made pure!) to evoke an answer. The maltsoVe of the country are doing a very Nourishing business. "BeerOmade from any substitutes for malt Irobably constitute a very trifling pinion of tha naUonal output." w. (To he continued.) sugar delicacies also uee them for whipping frostinge, icings and fine caks material. Consequently, If there was any "oil" in the stick it Tvould give a flavor to tho cook­
ing which would be out of place." Our correspondent offers to send a swlule stick, either for use or as a souvenir, to any follower of this column who will make the request. Anether •Doctor' Cocktail. "A propos of the 'Doctor cock­
tail' described in your column," writes a "Trailer." "in theoldHoteJ Knickerbocker it was alwaya pre­pared as follows: "One-third Boonekamp bitters. "One-third white creme de menthe. "One-third brandy. "It was called 'Doctor cocktail' because it is the best remedy for In­ digestion or stomach ache." Oeeyrisbt. 1934. Au Right* Reserves. This department answers all In­ quiries on wines and Uquora, their selection and how to heap, serve and consume them. Theee Journeys "Along tha Wine Trail" daily la The Sun. Lifeboat Races On the Hudson Monday There will be ten lifeboat crews in the eighth annual race to be held on Monday morning in the Hudson, two miles down stream to the George Washington Bridge. Last year's winners, from the tanker Teagle, will compete again and the other American repre­
sentative will be from the United Fruit liner Veragua, the Excalibur, the Soanpen and the President Harding. Great Britain will enter R crew from the Queen of Bermuda, Italy from the Conte di Savoia, Norway from the Argentino, Ger­ many fwjm the General von Steuben and Denmark from the Norma Maersk. Thla to the fifth of a series of articles on Tho Truth About Beer. Insects Eat $1,300,000,000. The average yearly crop loss to farmers caused by Insects, It to ea- tlmated, Is $1,500,000,000. Quoationa and Anawara. Additional information regarding the "swhtsle stick" recently dis­ cussed in this column has been re­
ceived from George V. de Lery, of the William Duncan Cdejpany, who writes as follows: "The correspondent of ^he 'Wine Trait' with his inquiry about 'swlule sticks* aroused iMn« In­ terest in our office because *e feel that we have brought the first known quantity of swizzle sucks into the United States In many, many years along with the first shipment of Old St. Croix Rum from the Virgin Islands to arrive here since 1917. "Swizzle sticks are the young sprouta of lime trees. They are pulled out of the ground when the stem Is about the thickness of one's little finger, the roots are trimmed and the bark is pulled off and the sticks hung up to dry in the sun. "Nature made these natural mix­
ing implements for use of the na­ tives in tho Lesser Antilles, and the natives not only use these sticks for mixing their rum drinks but they ore used in whipping up batter in cooking and conflseurs and makers of fine pastries and ABRAHAM tf m OPEN SATURDAY from 9.30A.M. to 5:30 P.M. i Abraham & Straus Wine and Liquor Store, 11 Gallatin Place, Brooklyn. Cumberland 6-6000 * Travel. - * T)ayLlni aaaVt*r UP tk* HUDSON oai rav OWTIHOS ... r»ir*««»> *•-.'«• to aisatn •JSSJRB) W.464 9I...1.V W. MM 9t... Indus Point — Bent' Mimetem.. W«s foist.•».. PeaBTtfcfeBe*. • • Hisgstas Point.. CSM, Hwfcna ALBANY . A, A.M. ®9*Vl8sfflN *a> l""wl*—M St I in int.M1l f JO 1(1 0B S *f 10 • io i,•H n.no- tie 1401 i2t.tt~: 4ti« inSaff 4tJ0i I2t«i 2"»f-».» It*nl jtflBj- «.m m| % 9 —4 — I i3 ^3 — MniiHgtit Trip».-s5»d»v, s»V 2 sal CsEr I . ~ Steamer har* W. jBJ St, 76> P M \S»t«r« elenmtr t« ?»>• Vofk aim* r!»y ftost nWSsrent fcmctav DIRECT St* t« " *M Jenjr, Cjt* jWSj (mm fSgawj S*4 J—Sirs. 4ep»"L. W 4JBSSt ¥»n»ti».*nrM T^^inHlJ.thow.tns.llSKSrt.l mtwSStmSnim^SSmmam ^nlo„v™^±r-e?E!SnS TRAVRL Resorts New ywk-AdtrMoaea*. Emfoaj losr Labor Day aatf $4»pt4»Ms*4»r Vacation at BROWN SWAN CLUB SIMOON LAKE, N.Y. TRAVRL JXn-n,-_r
tJT-s%SXriJ'Tjn_r\jn_f^ru^j_-]^ --•^••.•aaaaaaaa mmf_ • TMAVRI-
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