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20 THE NEW YORK SUN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1934. HEATHER REPORTS WO REPUBLICS ON ONE ISLAND I Haitians in Smaller Area Outnumber Dominicans. UTTER FEEL IT IS PROBLEM After War to Be Free, They See Race in Danger. Br BAM AWIIPH•«>•». SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, Aug. 26 (by air mall) — Leaving aside all immediate mat­ ters concerning the Dominican Re­public, there remains ita long-
range problem, probably th* great-1 eat of all, for within it may He the j doom of thia country aa it now j exists. The Island of Haiti con­
tains two nations, Haiti and th* Dominican Republic. Haiti ha* a population of around 3,000,000, and occupies an area of roughly 10.000 square miles. The Dominican Re­public has not many more than 1.000,000 inhabitants, and its terri­
tory is almost 20,000 square miles. Three fourths of the island's popu­ lation in one third of ita territory, I la the set up, with the remaining one fourth in the remaining two thirds. It is obvious how great the pressure must be; and the great point is here-Haiti is "th-3 Black Republic," and Santo Do­
mingo is not. Reliable figures on the subject are for obvious reasons hard to ob­ tain, but an estimate which may be accepted for present purposes is that SO per cent of the Dominicans are black, 25 per cent of mixed ra­
cial strains, and 2f> per cent are of old Spanish stock. The Indian strain is really negligible, although It shows occasionally, especially in the form of high cheek bones. INTIMATE SKETCHES OF NEW YORK-No. 160 By VERNON HOWE BAILEY Tod./, ci^ar SEES DEMOCRATS ! I«SH TO_COMKTE FOUR SCIENTISTS THE WEATHER Immigration fln««»ate<l. The admixture of races of course bad begun while what ia now the Dominican Republic, was still a Spanish possession. Santo Do- '• mingo. But in 1795, Spain ceded M to France after Napoleon's sue-sjsjsjj and all the island became i one French possession, Haiti, hav­
ing been so previously. In 1841 the. war of separation from Haul began, lasting until 1M but in the half century of rule from Haiti, there had been much miscegena­ tion. Crntlnuotnlv since, the pressure of concentrated population in Haiti and the little resistance of sparse Dominican population have been bringing more Negro blood across the boundary. That Imaginary line, incidentally, has been in dis­
pute ever aince 1856, but a settle­ ment aeema near now as a result of the work of a Joint commission working under a treaty signed In 1929. It takea more than a national boundary, however, to resist such an unbalanced population aa exists on the island. Slowly but cer­
tainly the process continues, Hai­
tians pushed by natural forces out of their own country onto the un­ occupied acres of the Dominican Republic, and soon into the racial strain of Dominicans. Mutt Fair and warmer tonight and Sunday; moderate southerly wind.-, Monday probably fair and turning to cooler. TOD%V8 RKCOKIl IN TBI* CITY. Temp. Humid. Harm, . S h. M «3 » A. n at *9 n\. M. •••••••••••• •*! ]1 A* M. ••••••..-••• 47 TemMraturtfl on* \*>«i ago *»t. FEARING SEABURY Hold Feia in City Coliseum! on September 23. u SI m M.4T i.i.f M.ta Ht«h-
Followin; lit led* »r» wMititr obaorvationa takvn G. B. Compton Replies l§|" Remark by Farley. I A M, **v»nt> fi'tb mvriamn lima. I 4w„. ••-mmi-%.-* »y ror HM pa»t t«»rty four ttcuia; j «nus .vmove T»mp«r«-.i.» Rati'rail ' rn\ picture f laa'24 i>r«-iiarom-laat r Stai ana. H-H! .„•.• Kew Yarketty ti at Aihariy. TS 40 * '•m»» - •>! TH A'lama .... 76 en •• Atlantic CWy. *fi *4 j Rallimota 74 M IMamarck ...SO 44 Boston «•-. 54 Buffalo 7S SJ ; r.'t.arlMtrai .. an «C I rhra«o RO 7- j Cincinnati ... ** 7n Cleveland ... M •* I I'allan 9J 7* n»nv»r 84 NH i D*trf>u 78 *~ i ftalv-eatna ... «i V I Ham!ltmi.B»r. SO 74 i Havana. Cuba — . H»i»na 74 ** Indianapoiia.. *- "" Jarkaonvi:i*. *> M Kanaaa ' i'y. . ;i|i) 70 II us iagila* ft'j ei ! Miami •>., 7i . Milwaukee .. 70 ST, ! Mini ».»(••• -. *f> Nil i Montreal ft*. T2 New eir,ea( n. «« Tn Norfolk .... 74 «V4 Okiat.omaC]ty 94 Trt Prnaacola ... S4 72 jPhiladelphia. 7H MI PI:»ehuish.... 74 5S I'on'and, Me.. 70 44 j Cortland, Ore. *» W KaUi.'n 74 54 Salt l*kr City 90 S2 San Antonio . eg 7ft San Diego 74 M j San Francieio f,z 5i j Savannah .. V) St> I .-• ai ,!* 7') V» St. \j -i t Ml 74 Taiipn. an 70 , WaaMaajtaa... T4 • ! \A innipej ... Vi 44. •t*r. 14 firs. Weather S».4T — Claar >M| - PtCHi 2t'as -. CIOUH> SJ 32 - Claar V>,*4 - riear *'.44 — Claar •U.XW — I'lou^y S0.W — tlear >' M Traee Rain 10 24 ~ tTlear *i ON Trace Ram •ass, 3«>2» 30 UN tejs W1.12 .10IJN sows 2«;« 2»4f, TO 1« 30.'« » K« 3f>>*i 30.02 .:4 "2 4« Claar Clout' y CUHidy t*le»r Rain It. CM* Postmaster-General Jama a A Farley's etatemen* 'hat the Repub­
licans would do well to nominate Samuel Seabury for Governor and him from the poliU-
for all time," shows that in Democratic circles he is feared. George Brokaw Compton asserted today. "The truth is " he said, "that the Tammany machine, under the Far-
ley-Flynn domination, has sinister; Plans for the United Irish Coun­
ts Association's 1934 fels, which I will be held in the City CoHaeum ' at 172nd street and Tremont av- enue, the Bronx, on Sunday, Sep­
tember 23, have been completed, It was announced today b> William SAVED BY PLANE Russians Had Been Isolate in Arctic Two Years. MOHCOW Sept. 1 <u. P) yjM Burke, chairman a| general acttvi- j Demme, commander of the meteor* ties. Nearly 300 Bronx and West- logical station on stetteaev i^. Chester children and adults are an- *•**, in the a\Mtkt, has baca ras-
teted In the competitiona. ; cued with three men eaanpanionj The ceremonies will begin at 12 irom a two-year Isolation, | tire­ less report from Di.xon lal? nn t today. Alexander Alexiev, a Government aviator, flew 2.V1 miles fron Caoa noon, with a parade in which 1.2'<n children and adults, in costume, will participate. Forty-eight com­
petitions will be held, divided into five sections, :ncluding vocul,It'heliuskin, S.oeria. to the rescue Gaelic choirs, instrumentai. violin, j the report said, and to<->,< -f,- ,.„t harp, flute and Irish warpipe solos only the four scientists but tixteea and step dancing. I sedge dogs. He landed his cargo At the close of the fest'val a at Cape Cheliuskin. whom* the prize winners' coneert and ball will rescued wnrian and mer wi! ••. pilitical ends to serve. Its infiu enca and power were seriously I ba held in the Coliseum, when for-, turn to Moscow on th« IrsaraaisT New York city j ma! presentation of the prizes and Siheriokov. threatened at the election last November. It kniwe that Gov. Seabury would outlaw awards will be made. The proceeds] The of the fc-is will be turned over to ; Boris Kamenev group mcludaa Lav-rov, chief of the ;4ra M P' «<iy|the ^ind of political activity on the w'Uar,J Bureau of the United j River expedition, and a companion Z rlo'X-*! which it depend* for Ita means of • ™*»» 0o',n^e» "the Knight, of-who walked across the amis ire or, aSSZ ! sustenance [Columbus Hotel, Manhattan. Oi 1185 miles to Kamenev after-taeir •IN «'loui<y Cie%r C.O...I. t:ioi;dy •"loddy Cloudy sustenance. 'With every reaaon !n the world, i it fears be would he able to pre-
"OOS — Clear » !>* Trice <'lpiidy ' Columbus Hotel, Manhattan. Oi September 27 the successful com : pttitors wlil give a concert at ihe vent the final smcesa of its long.! MacMiUlan Theater, Columbia Unl-
* n Tr.=. ct«r.d'y I continued efforts to grab control of I **"£*• ™?" T,^^* ?/ th* IMg - rt.c.erjthe government at Albany and of °*£ "SSg of ^TSSSSL . 4 " - !tr!^ the activltiea of government all! John O Connor will officiate at over the State opening of the feia. together! "I can not believe the people will \ "***" i^SSSTt Conaulate-j Foley RetlgnS Po*t allow themselves to be denied thia g*"*"IJ? *he Ir'/h ?" ?,Uta S ^~,-«..„«... ^0 . « ^^-.i^„ •« .. • Js,ew Y°rk city. Mr. McCauley will • opportunity of a generation to «-:b we,comed* hy Just.ce r^neiM cure the unique services at Albany w ., , .. . * „ . _.. . . . of a Samuel Seabury. They are ! £***, the Appellate p.vislon of . . .. ' . ,, * . the Supreme Court. reaay to accept the chauenge of' r ,Mr. Farley and the Tammany ma-! ; chine lit the" Republicart party Turtle Wouldn't Waadar. i UPPER STRASBLRG, Pa. (U P.•.—A turtle, apparently immune to the wanderluat, was found on I the W. H. Karper farm. Ita shell £0 22 .•Wi4ft TXi 3_' aaja 30"S 30,1« 2».M 30 02 20.9S .10.24 30.10 30 10 .VI |(» .V 4 4 V' lift — flear — Clear — Pt. Cld/ — Clear — Clear — Claar — Clear — Clou«!> — Clotilv — ClOliH,- — Clear" — Cl*«r — Clot:dy — i-Iear - Cle«r *o Rain Bronx Prisoner Commits Suicide Charles De Brot, 43 of 75 Weat 175th atreet. years old. the Bronx. nominate Judge Seabury for Gov-i ernor, and his support at the polls, although from unlike sources, will j be as surprising as that received i by Upton Sinclair in California. "No doubt the Farley-Flynn-Tam- i many machine recognizee Judge j 1 Seabury as the greatest moral force I • for good government in New York i State since Gov Hughes. What i other explanation can there be of j committed suicide at 4 A. If. today jthe apparent e»serness of Mr. ; by hanging himself with his belt Far!eV for, *»«*? ^hury's <*isap-, ' ._ ~p ,, ., pearan'-e (mm the politital picture.; in tha Mornsania r«l'oe station, at 5ure!y lhof,p wishinfr 8rt honett ul j lVth street and Third avenue, the i humane handling of public affairs Bront The suicide was dlscov-jhave nothing to fear from his I ered bv Patrolman John White, at- ' activities >n any official position." j . tendant, who was making an in- ' ' spection tour. New Saks Store Goes' on Radio. De Brot WSK arrested at € o'clock Beginning Monday the new | last night by Detective Donald Sak? Thirty-fourth street store will ' Cary at McClellan street and Grand J sponsor a radio program conducted ! Concourse, the Bronx', on a charge i by Dagmar Perkins over station j of petty larceny and possession of WNEW at 10:35 A M. on Mon bore the carved date 1S76 and the initials of Mr. Karper's father. 185 miles to Kamenev af'er airplane was wrecked. The scientists weie lanlataj for two yeirs because toebreakara could not reach them. The\ rr?in-
tainrd wireless communication with Moscow. As Westchester Chairman Harry T. Foley, chairman of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, has resigned tnat post in accordance with the recent Treasury ruling that eppleyeea could net bold party chairman­ ships. Foley has for soma time been tht Surveyor for the Port of New York, a position which ia under tr.e Treas­ ury Department. Along the Wine Trail More Evidence of Undercover Campaign Against Beer—Questions and Antwera. • B> C. SELMER FOUG.NER Fill what you will And drink what you 611. German proverb. The investigation conducted by this column into the burglars' tools. Cary said last night I days? Tuesdays and Wednesdays, j quality of present-day beer, as Compared t© the preprohi-
| that De Brot had been arrested five • Mies Perkins will speak on - times before and convicted each I subject, "A Little Bit of Paris I time. I the Heart of New York " the In Grace Episcopal Churchyard, Jamaica. _ A section of the old graveyard of Grace Epis- steeple is that of the Church nf the Presentation copal Church, Jamaica, is shown in the fore- of the Bses.-ed Virgin Mary, Shelton avenue ground. Two other churches are shown. The and Parsons Boulevard. Further to the right is steeple of the First Baptist Church, Parsons the top of the building occupied by the Jamaica Boulevard, is shown at the left and the other branch of the Young Men's Christian Association. Tuesday—Two Bedford Street Houses. Bonaflarr Being- Crossed. It Is not a matter of days. of Who's News Today Consult$ Only Hit Barber and Credits Hit Success to Opinion. By LEMUEL F. PARTON • The "great man" theory of hla- Dr. Lewis M. Terman. great psy­
chologist of Stanford University, has spent a lifetime trying to find the fount of "'opinion" like that, and hasn't located It yet. But it does seem that such genius, or whatever it ia, at any rate is de-
.... i preision-proof. Mr. Gordon did, „,„.-.„ nf , .^v oominican will S?*£! °n *JJ ? ?£?. ."T ! however, lose his shirt in the stock white or very Hgnt Dominican wui. f„; shows without a flop since the i _.-u.-t T*..* _.«-«•• wi. n ^ be a rarity nearing extinction. | stan of the depression and with j mark*t- That wasn t his disn. This is unless something is donn * f01ir amash hits last year. Now he to change the flow of race. Immi-1 branches out. and feeds the Ac- years, even of a few decades, bit In j tory fills many bookshelves. Why the course of time, if things go on , not a Rreat mftn theory of eco-
aa they are going now. the whole f nomlcs? Surely .human spark plugs Island of Haiti, Republic of Haiti, knfp thlnga moving, and changing. and Dominican Republic alike, will j Here's the agile and venturesome be composed of citizens in whom j Max Gordon, theatrical producer. Negro blood is predominant. The gratlon has been suggested as a possibility, from Spain or, perhaps, nearby Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico la densely populated, Its 1,600,000 residents being a« closely packed to the square mile aa are the Belgians. The Puerto Rlcan racial stream Is not unmixed white, but It is far whiter than that of Haiti, and would form n tors Equity a scheme to do the same for the road—moribund these many years. He has no advisers except his barber, no commissions or con­
sultants. He finds the barber a sound, all-around judge of plays, and his Judgment weighs heavily in Mr. Gordon's selections. He keeps no fever charts of public prefer- A few years ago, Senator Ken­
neth D. McKellar of Tennessee got up a plan to exile all extreme radi­ cals to an island In the Philippines and to give those only mildly in­
fected te.n years In the penitentiary, Now he tikes the lead in organiz­
ing Americans, Inc., to def*nd the New Deal, now under fire aa a rad­
ical venture. He and his associates, like the new American Liberty League, Insist that the Constitution GARNER WILL TAKE DEMOCRATIC POST Expected to Be Named as Committeeman. AUSTIN. Tex., Sept. 1 (A. !».>.-
Appointment of Vice-President John Nance Garner to the post of Culbertson on Contract It la almost possible to claasify, the evolution of a bridge player byj the four stagea of his development j in the mastery of the finesse. In' the first stage, he haa no idea ot poeition and always leads out hia high cards. In the second stage, he haa learned position but not per­
centages — he finesses whenever there ia a missing honor. In the third stage, he bes learned the mathematical odds, and finesses or Tuesday's Hand. South Dealer. East-Weat vulnerable. g-A« H-S Ml D-Q9T c— ia-*t S-41 H-4t7t plays for a drop in exact accord-! C_A K a « ance with the probabilities. Even in this third stage, with his wealth. of theoretical knowledge, he la not: a finished player because he can-j not yet discriminate between the | «j-hi9 j,an(j N W 1 E j «-q78 j H-Q19S D-AM c—ft a in bulwark against the persistent j ence. He has a hare little office and ! |s tbe fairway, and they seek to peace time invasion of the Domini-j doesn't hoard statistics or study can Republic. Puerto Rlcan and ! trends. Sam Jnffe, the actor, intro- Dominican ways and scales of Hv-| duced him to Dr. Leo Wolman, New ing resemble one another closely, j Deal economist. and Spanish is spoken in both i "Glad to meet you, Doc." said places. There is plenty of room, Mr. Gordon. "I've got a terrible for farmers in the Dominican Re-! pain In my stomach." public, and there arc plenty of j "He isn't a doctor of medicine; farmer?, many with no farming to he's an economist," whispered do now, in Puerto Rico. The political problem ia the chief one to solve. Puerto Ricans might not like to relinquish their rights aa residents of a portion of the United States; Dominicans cannot be blamed for not raring to estab­
lish suddenly a large Puerto Rican bloc, with all political privileges. among themselves, pending com­
pletion of the expected process of absorption. U. S. TARS QUIT CUBA 550 Sailors Bid Havana a Regretful Farewell. HAVANA, Sept. 1 (A, P.).-Flv« hundred and fifty sailors of the cruiser Richmond said farewell to­
day to P port thty had learned to know as home as the United States ended a year of vigilance in Cuban wafers. Many of th« sailors, between say­
ing good-bya and cramming sea- bars with souvenirs, expressed em­
phatic regre* al leaving Cuba. The Richmond ssils far St, Peters- laffe. "Oh!" said Mr. Gordon. "Tell me, Doc, what do you think of common siocks?" Atways he goes straight to the point like that, and he keeps his show shops humming--box offices, too. After he had been in business for fifteen years with Al Lewis, he found Lewis reading "Hamlet." He ended the partnership then and there. Hamlet couldn't make up his mind, and he was Just no good around Mr. Gordon's kind of a show ahop. He was born Max Salpeter In Goerck afreet, New York, down near the Williamsburg Bridge. His brother, Cliff, a Dutch comedian, steered him into the theater. At 17, he went on the road for a burlesque troupe. In 1911, he formed the part­
nership with Al Lewis, a vaudeville actor. They Interested Sam Harrl*, and In fifteen years produced about twenty-five plays. He never began to burn up Broad-
wsy until he started shooting all hy himself—consulting only the barber. But, once under way. he took the depression hurdle like a timber topper. One wonders what he might have done if he had hern thus on provo that the New Deal len't out, of bounds. Senator McKellar, so to speak, al­
ways mokes a right turn on the red. He sees more red than any man In America, and alwsys veers right, never left. So, one of the political oddities of the day Is this belligerent champion of the stay- put America backing up the apos­
tles of change. He's a Memphis lawyer, born and reared on a cotton patch, Jn the House of Representatives In 1911. Hia first and beet attention-getter was his proposal to give ihe rush to the radical* in 1919. He got an­ other big play in 1926, when the drys chose him to head their big counter-offensive of that year. His long fight for the bonus also eased him Into the headlines. He's a big navy man, but, at that, he's so red-blooded he probably would place a sizable bet on a couple of old-fashioned Americans with squirrel guns against the rest of the world. Rut, all in all, he is a first rate politician, and that does account for many strange align­ ments. Senator McKellar ia ;>ne of the few bachelors In the Senate. Copyrlrht. 1934. All nights fUaarvad. S-R ll*tl H-A K n-K J its . wiil be discussed mass of. hands in which the proba-; Tuesday's article. billties will hold true and the ape- : 1 , , . cific instances In which they should be disregarded. In the fourth and final sta?e the bridge-
player can discriminate—his ears Democratic national committeeman j are alert to the bidding and his I least five of them, and should also from Texas was believed bv Demo- fV" «f «*• faM of [h* —j*** RRd ! hold at least as many heart? sin.e . ... D. . . v » , » I he wil1 finesse or not depending on ; he bid that suit first. Thus West crats of the State to be a certainty , subt,e jnferencM to wh|ch hia j is placed with ten cards In hearts today. j senses are finely attuned. and diamonds and can have at most James E. Ferguaon, barred from | I do not exaggerate when I say | three in spades and clubs. If two that there are very few finesses , of these are spades and only one that are a matter either of pure , a club, all the outstanding trumps the bidding is considered the entire play takea on a different aspect. Having bid diamonds at the range ; of three, West must surely hold at tti l»» holding any State office by a Supreme Court decision rendered after hia impeachment as governor, telegraphed Mr. Garner that he would relinquish his claim to the post if the Vice-President would accept it. Mr. Garner replied that "I don't sse how I could consistently decline to comply should the party call upon me to render this service." Mr. Ferguson's aotlon averted a threatened break In the ranks of Texas Democrats for a concerted movement had been planned to at­
tempt, the removal of Mr. Fergu­ son at the State convention on September 11. Mr. Ferguaon was named committeeman by a Fergu­ son-controlled executive commit­
tee last March. The national com­
mittee has not accepted htm as a member. James v. Allred, Democrat nom­
inee for Governor, called on Mr. Garner at his Uvalde home on Thursday, but declined to say whether he had offered hia sup­port aa a Garner backer. A bitter foe of Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Allred commented that "it Is mighty fine of Ferguson to take that attitude" after he had been Informed of the former Governor's proposal. "With Garner aa national com­
mitteeman, Texas would be as­ sured of a fair deal," Mr. Fergu­
son said. bition variety, has brought letters innumerable, some of protest, and many of approval. The brewers have wel­
comed an opportunity to state their case and few readers «o far have disagreed with their findings. The "Trail" is interested chiefly in protecting the consumer. The column waa started with that aa its objective, and the present inquiry was undertaken following t^>e re­
ceipt of a series of letters accusing the brewers of misleading the pub­ lic. Most of the charges have al­
ready been refuted, but complaints are still coming in, and while space cannot be found for seaselesa and unjustified accusation the "Trail" will welcome any communication based on facts. That the campaign of calumny directed against the responsible brewers has been gaining headway is evidenced by the following letter from a reader of this column, whose opinion is certainly worthy of at­tention. Our correspondent, who is a well-known New York business man, atatea that be has not been influenced by the aubversive prop­
aganda, of which he haa heard • much; yet thia writer wonders! whether the calumnies have not,! nevertheless, had their effect, ,-or perhaps, again, it might well be that our friend's experiments in bee; drinking were conducted im­
mediately following modification of the enforcement act, at a time Aloof the Wine Trail VOLUME 11 Tha second volume of articles" by G. Sebncr Fougner printed In this column is now available. The booklet contains the following: History of dlsUllatlon-WHlSKY, f'ye, Bourbon. Scotch and Irish; GIN. Holland, English and American; history of LXQITEURS from aU parts of the world; CIDER, Apple jaclt; MALTED LIQUORS. Beer and Ale; a few aelected recipes for cocktai.j, punches, cups and flszes; also advica and recipes for amateur wine makers. VOLUMB I o/ tMa serte*—o; which a second printing ** now re«dy-
contained Mr. Tougner'a errlcias on 1/fnea of th* world, and how to owy, keep, aervi and con- turn* them. "Along the Wine Trail" (Vol-
•mea I and II) will ba mailed upon receipt of fifteen cents for each, addressed to the Service Department, The San, 280 Broad­
way, New York. are not spoiled), remove stones and crush the fruit in a crocK. L**e 30 pounds of sugar to 1 bushe! ot guess or mathematical chances. ; must drop on the first three leads ; when the beer which waa rushed to j n.-Vr.#- mna « „,.,» ,lV.. \ii«ii The inferences conveyed by bidding | and South wi'l make his game. But ! the public was not, by the brewers' I ,„. ,nd VrM J**Z. ZT t^"',*„ «-
and play considerably modify the j if two of Wests black cards are j own admission, up to the standard lonI, Let s^tand until all fermaSa-
technto of finessing by bringing : clubs and only one a spade, the ex-
in more or less precise Information ; pedient of playing three high spades on the local ton of key cards and will cause South to forfeit a trick length of suits and their remainders {to a possible guarded jack in Easts lows, in part. A second point, also I " rfectjy deli'cloiis a lovelvcoi raised by him. will be the subject I ^p ami ^^ m' «,^^„«y,, K. around the table. This is aecom- j hand. At first glance South would plished by means of two mental i seem to be up against a guess, but processes called card placing and actually he Is able by a bit of pre-
sult placing. When a player mentally recon- liminary maneuvering to recon­
struct the exact distribution of structa the various suit lengths In (West's hand card for card, partner's and opponents' hands' First, South wins with the lieart through the knowledge he has I ace and leads a club to Dummy's gleaned from the bidding, he is! king. W»st having followed, one placing the suit lengths. The hand of his unknown cards Is located, below illustrstes how a careful re- Now South wishes to lead another view of the bidding assures the sue- j round of clubs, for If West can cess of a finesse, although mathe- j again follow suit he must have hat which they have now set for them- tion a„ Btoppedf then strain m *ei?'PR' ... , to ,,! liquor into a barrel or bottle. After fur correspondents letter fol-i >tandlng on,y , month lhig w&3 or, wonderful bou­
quet. The fermentation varies from three weeks to a month or more." ma.ically It la unsound and un­
warranted. The list. South, dealer. North-South vulnerable. P-AT H-as4 sVSff C A I f 4 t only one apade. But it is danger­
ous to lead Dummy's club ace, for West may now he void and trump, whereupon the contract will fly out the window This danger can be overcome If South can again of tomorrow's discussion "I read with considerable Interest your article in 'The Wine Trail* on the 'undercover campaign' directed at the beer now being made by old established breweries in this coun­
try. "I am one of those persons who have no Interest other than want­ ing good beer. I have heard much of the current calumny, but depre­
cative propaganda has not caused me to practically stop drinking beer, nor do I believe that respon­sible persons generally are Influ­
enced. "I am quite willing to abide by the result of your investigation, lead clubs to the Dummy, since lf> that the beer now sold by the lead H-K q i i • n-aq s s 4 c-ios ft—>K4S H-ISSI n—ip burg, Fls., where, it will remain I the loose in the prosperous years. temporarily. Warships were sent to this section to protect American lives and property, If necessary, last year In the tiubulen* dfiys after the overthrow of former President Marhsdo, TWr-Admira' t'harle* P Free­
man »ent letters to Cuban officials ard othe-.'s esrpreflfing appreciation for the trefltmer» given *he men and officer* Mm-hanta of Havana feel the Rk.hmond* departu.e ts a real losn. for It was estimated the crew spent $3,500 weekly, Me hates arty drama and drnma- t Lit at. but he can tell a play just hv the feel of It, and he ha* put on plenty of the heavy bitters of the • theater, including O'Neill, He j keeps s big stahie of high-price 1 i mimes and c«n ready n .".how as! quickly and stylishly as anybody in j the bu^lnpss. He lives aid dresses j simply and drives across town j every morning to have briikfas' 65,000 Jews Have Left Germany Under Hitler BERLIN, Sept. 1 (U. P.l.-Sixtv-
flva thousand Jew* have left Ger­
many since Relchsfuehrer Adolf Hitler assumed power, nineteen R-KQIIIII N-A0 Mil c—ts The •!««!•«. South West North East Pass 1H 2C Pass 2S 3D DM. Pass .IS Pass 43 Pass Pass Pass The bidding Is quite logical. West having a sound opening bid and North a sound vulnerable overcall. Since the vulnerable overcall at the range of two shows a strong hand. South can bid and rebld his spades, whereupon North's doubleton see Is by the American Philatelic Society, adequate support and he proceeds it was announced last, night as the j to the game. West's three diamond STAMP LAW REPEAL Philateliete Want Change in Reproduction Statute. ATLANTIC CITY, Sept. 1-Re­
peal of the law which prohibits the photographing or reproducing of United States postage stamps will be, sought from the next Congress West ruffs Dummy simply plays low and the club ace will remain to furnish a discard for a losing diamond. To lead the next round of clubs South must have an en­
try. Therefore he leads a low heart from Dummy, losing that Ing breweries is as good and bet­
ter than that of preprohibitlcn days, but It still does not satisfy me. "Since the repeal of prohibition I reaches la llrandj. The following recipe to pfMssfM peaches in brandy has been contrib­
uted by a "Trailer" who Myl tnat it is taken from "The Receipt BO^ of Ann Blencowe," published in 1694. "The peaches must be ripe, but not too ripe. You must put them • boyling water in order to pep) there., and let them continue the.re t! I y°'i find ye skins will easily come off "Which when you have don'. fling them instantly into fre«h water, and when you take them out of that, then put them ir/o clarified sugar and give th«-m one boyling, and so let them cool in ye association concluded Its annual convention here. The present law mnken It Impos months ago, the Prussian Prw * (o "•**« «»»••« •** j books with rare and obsolete ! stamps, none of which would be said, : "ounterfelted. Ihe' association says. It was ssid that many present day stamp counterfeits are discovered Service announced last night Of the emigrants, It wss 21,000 wpnt to France, 10,000 to Palestine, «,000 to Poland, 4,000 to Chechoslovakia, ,1,000 each t« the United States, Holland, Switzer­
land and Bcandinsvla, and 2,000 hv amateur philatelists Six hundred souvenir stamps of the Mount Rainier Issue which were ate a ruffing entry back to his hand. West win* the heart and, hesitating to lead a diamond con­
tinues hewrts. South ruffing him­
self into the lead. Now the seven of clubs is lead, and when West plays the ten sJl the uncertainty has been eliminated. The trick Is won by Dummy's ace, the ace of srades played, and Dummy's spade seven led. East falsecarda by cov­
ering with the eight, but the simple process of counting up to thirteen has been effected. West originally held five hearts, five diamonds, two clubs, and consequently only one spade. He h*« played that spade bid was somewhat optimistic with and has no more. South knows both opponents hlddlng and his j that the ten wiil win the trick. Thfl partner passing, hut with his two-; king and queen of pides draw the suited hand he hoped to find ex-' last trumps, and South now simply traordlnary support for one suit ! leads a diamond, winning one die with East and thus effect a sac- rr.ond trick and conceding two oth-
rifice. jers, but making the four-spade When the king of hearts is'contract have tried many of the leading j sugar, that it may soak Will into brands, and none of them ia what I them, and then put them upo-i % I consider to be good beer. The "ieve or a plate with holes and then trick Immediately In order to ere- consequent result has been that to-Jrtboyi ye sugar till It wil stick to day I drink very little beer. The ' your finger. same thing is true not only of my J "Repeat this method three times, immediate family but of my vari- I both In relation to ye peaches and ous relatives. ! sugsr. after which ye peaches f> 'What Is wrong—if anything—with ! prepared must be put Into glas* the beer I cannot say. FranaJy, the taste of preprohibltion brew no long­
er lingers in my memory, so I am unable to make a fair comparison. And while the present dsy beer may be as you contend, stilt this s insufficient to make me drink more -et least until such time as I am satisfied that It ha* undergone marked Improvement.-' (To be. continued » bottles, which are to be filled After this manner; half brandy, half ye eirrup made by ye boyling >• peaches in ye sugar; and so they are to be kept for use. The sa.n* way will do for peaches, and ad­
mirable plums." Thia Is the sixth of a Pnmliio. "Have you sny information about an Italian wine called Pomlno?", j Inquires a Westchester "Trailer." aeries of i "I recall It as % fine white wins with his mother. Asked about his • »ach to England and Belgium. The success, he replies: j remaining «,000 were scattered In "Opinion, All I have is opinion." ' other countries. opened South can see his contract in sight because West almost surely has the diamond ace, so only two tricks need be lost In that suit and printed here on a special press were lone in hearts The assumption, of sold during the convention. The : course, is tha* the spades will be Ifm convention Is to be held In • divided .1-2. sinre this Is mathe-
Washlngton. Imatically most probable. But when i'y, Opy-tght. ip.-u. Fly CulhtHann. OCRHTlhsJx ANSWERED. Q-iMtlfina on Vrti"'ng and elav "Ml h« araa*re,1 tf n.'-ireaaxt m Contract !'"lit»» Bailor anl arrompanl*4 by a "if » «<ir**.«H, gtairred snvalapa. article* nn The. Truth About Beer. Questions and Answers. "You may be Interested." write* a "Trailer' from Woods Hole, Mass., in a pearh brandy we made last fail. It Isn't really a brandy, as It. la not distilled nor the alco­
holic content as high But it is like a liqueur- heavy, sweet and airupy-and very delicious. Using peaches that ate vary ripe (ones that are hnnseH are cheaper and served to me In Rome and wouii ilke to know more about It." It Is one of the good products of Tuscany, a white ChtsnM, stout In body and with a pleasing arom*. T do not helievf this wine has reached the Amerlr-Rn market. Crtp>rls«l. l?11. All Rlshts R»«»r»»* Thia department answer* nil ln-
ouiriea on wine and Hqn-ira. Iheie •election and how to keen, serve snd consume them. Thess» ,1/uirnejs "Along Ihe Wine Trail" appeir j ' perfectly all right as long as they dally In The Sun. Untitled Document file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/hello.html2/\
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