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*v SHIPPING AND MAILS THE NEW YORK SUN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1934. WEATHER REPORTS 25 On the Sun Deck Notes on Foreign Cruises—The Laconia Purser Tells His Tale. You think you're pretty smart living in New York and everything, but the truth of the matter is that they have just as good things other places. Take short cruises, for instance. They have been running them out of England for quite a lonE time now* almost as lonK as tnev have over here, and are very successful. That's what the fel­
low tells us, anyway. The fellow, in this case, Is Purser A J. Hurley of the Laconia. termerlv of the Lancastria. The reason he knows about cruises out '. Enehnd is that while he was Lrating in the Lancastria that ,hip made fourteen trips from Fneland to the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean, carrying a total ef 16°5 passengers. Most of the cruises too* thirteen days and the minimum fire was fifteen guineas, or about $8n. • • • The job of a purser during any kind of cruise is considerable. It i h-« task to see that a great many wople who have never seen each S before suddenly get together and have simply a divine time. He Sit encourage the shy one, and ouell the too ambitious. He must S around constantly to introduce people who cant arrange matters for themselves If he really works It it and Mr. Hurley is the sort that" does not take responsibility shipboard games with as much enthusiasm as we; that they at­ tend the galas in equal numbers and tip and spend generally aa lavishly. We got a little annoyed and told him there must be some differ­ ence some place or it wouldn't make a good story. "There is. of course, a great difference—two major differ­ ences. " he said. "If we take in £100 in the bar first night on a British cruise we will be pretty sure it will be about the same for the entire trip. An Englishman is a consistent drinker, not apt to be talked into a one-night binge. If an Englishman is in the habit of having one cocktail before dinner no amount of ex­ citement can influence him to have more. "But with the American it is dif­ ferent. One night, when nothing is going on, we might have a bar receipt of $50 and the next night, WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE WEATHER MAP lightly, he is su occupied between 8 A. M. and mid- tight at least. • • • Over here we have all been on a ihort cruise, or we know some­
body who has We know that One of the national characteris­ tics of the American is gregari-
cusness and informality, which should contribute to the success ef any such enterprise as a thir­
teen-day sea excursion. But we don't know how a thing like that would go with the British. They have a reputation for formality and aloofness. We asked Mr. Hurley about the effect of this on his British Cruises. "You won't believe me," he said "but the truth is the aver­
age Englishman will fraternize as quickly as the American. The only trouble we had on the other tide was the slight caste feeling existing between north England-
ers and south Englanders. It takes them a little time to warm up to one another." Hurley said our cousins play Along the Wine Trail Comparing American Beer* to Thoee Made Abroad—An Old Colonial Drink. By G. SELMER FOUGNER -. Fair and Cooler Weather Likely Tomorrow Deapite Low Area on Map. re to be fairly well j just because some obscure passen­ ger beat his pal at deck tennis, there might be a great celebration in the bar and the receipts might total $1,000. An American is so much more apt to be swayed by sentiment in his drinking habits. "There is one other thing which I may be pardoned for noticing. The British are ndt midnight sup­
per addicts. In all the time we made those cruiser* out of Eng­
land I don't believe wc had more than five calls for proper food after 11 P. M. And yet in the American service the reverse is true. Hardly a night goes by but that two or three parties send down to the kitchen for hot dishes before going to bed." "Do you see any evidence," we asked, "to establish the fact that this late eating is either a good or bad idea?" "I suppose," said Mr. Hurley, staring at us fixedly in the waist band, "that it does, like travel, broaden one." Remind us not to meet the La­ conia when she gets in here next time. Actually the weather map today is not nearly as discouraging as it looks. Off-hand the casual observer would say the Eastern seaboard is in for a protracted session of rain, judging from the strong low-pres­
sure area centering over the Great Lakes. This low, however, is moving rap­
idly in a northerly and north-east­ erly direction and has no inten­ sions of taking in the territory around New York. The low which is causing the present unsettled, weather cannot be seen on the map and consists chiefly of a little cir­culation centering between New York and Harrisburg, Pa. The storm which formed Satur­
day southwest of Bermuda has now virtually passed by New York after striking the eastern North Carolina coast, passing through the tide­ water section and merging with the low circulation in eastern Pennsyl­vania. It did not carry much wind with it. but was responsible for the general rains of yesterday in the East. Tomorrow the prospect holds Culbertson on Contract SHIPPING NEWS ALMANAC FOR NltW YORK, SEPTEMBER 4. THE TIDES. , THE SIN. , THE MOON. good for fair and cooler weather with the temperature range esti­
mated by officials of the Weather Bureau between 65 and 72 degrees. The drought stricken sections of the West have now been generally visited by rains all the way from Manitoba straight through to Texas. The low circulation seen over Montana is insignificant. It merely indicates that the pressure is slightly lower there than else­
where, but at the present time it carries no forebodings for the East. Developments, of course, are un­ certain and the possibility that it may grow stronger with an east­
ward drift cannot be outlawed. At the present stage, however, there is nothing to fear from it. Let the back and sides go bare, my boys, * Let the hands and the feet gang cold; But give to the belly, boys, beer enough, Whether it be new or old. "The Beggar" (Old English Folksong). The correspondent whose letter complaining about the quality of present-day beer was printed in this column Sat­ urday devoted the second part of his message to a com­
parison of the product of American brewers with that of other countries—a comparison which this writer frankly holds to be unfair. Beer, possibly more so than any Today's Calendar THE WEATHER Governors Sandy Hook. Island. He. Gate. A M. P. M. A. M. T. M A. M P. M. High watt*. 4:0P 4:"0 5:1:, |:S0 7:3U 7:4': Low water,10:19 11:00 11 02 11:44 1:2;> 1:4.1 The time given in the *br>\e fab'e is Eastern Standard tim° and is ftrmiebed by the United State* Coast and Geodetic Survey. Add on* hour for Daylight Saving time. Riset. A. M. 5:24 Seta. P. M. 6:2." r.ites. A. M 12:^9 Seta. P. M 4:18 Practically every bridge player treasures in his memory a few thrilling hands which he played so well and of which he was so proud that the impression they have made upon him can never be effaced. Forever after, when in the course of an evening's bridge he suffers a temporary lapse and commits some terrible error in bidding or play, he can salve his lacerated vanity with a brief mental review of his pristine brilliancies. Being a bridge player, I have my own prized collection of bridge souvenirs, and when I found it ex­ pedient last night to pick one out and fondle it I chanced upon one which has remained heretofore un­
recorded. It happened years ago in a duplicate game. My partner did not notice it, nor did my oppo­ nents. The innate modesty and lelf-effacement for which I am famous caused me to refrain from pointing out what I had done; and s? no one asked me to explain, the k&nd was soon forgotten. Now here it is resurrected: The Hand. South. Dealer East-West vulnerable S-A « H-8 8 4 1 D-Q 9 7 C-10 7 5 1 S-Q7S1 H-Q 10 8 D-A 8 4 C-JT • S S-K j io e s II-A K D-K 4 10 t C-Q 8 The Blddln*. South West North East 1 Spade Pass 1 No Trump Pass * Spades Pass 4 Spades Pass P«s pass I was South, and I am willing to Wmit that my jump rebid of three •pades was stretched a trifle. My partner likewise was somewhat for­ ward in raising me to four with only • doubleton in trumps and (so far • he knew i nothing else of value. Nevertheless, we arrived at four "Pad** and then it was up to me to fcake it. The Play, West oper.»d the club king, and wen led the six of diamonds. On "is East, played the ace and I flrnpped the ten. East returned the m of clubs, and West, after win- •j'lg my queen witn his ace, led the J'uce of hearts, whereupon I was te *i»h the king. At this point it. would appear from ">y point of view that the success flr my contract would depend upon Riding the loss of a spade trick. 1 had •>* three tricks, and except Wednesday's Hand. North—Dealer. Neither side vulnerable. S-A8 H-10 D-A Q » 8 7 S S C-A7 8 S-J 10 8 7 5 H-Q8 4 8 D- C-KJ101 N W E S H-AKJ9705 D-K JO C-Q 0 4 S-KQ94IS H-S D-10 4 8 188 STEAMERS DUE AT NEW YORK. (Arrival tlniea are fro-ii the lines offices here --end are subject to change be^aute of wesrther condition*.) The houra fcelow are Daylight Saving time. TODAY Steamers. From Pier ACADIA, Eastern Tarrr.outh Sept I IS NR, Murray at BERENGARIA, Cunard-Whlte Star Bermjda CARACAS. Red D Maracaibo August 2-' CRISTOBAL, Panama RR SS . Criitcfca! Auguat 27 DEITSCHLAND. Hamburg-American FLORIDA, Eastern SS GEORGE WASHINGTON. Old Dominion GEORGIC, Cunard-White Star.. GRANADA. Standard Fruit KOSCICSIKO, Gdvnia-America. C.K1PSHOI.M, Swedish Amtr 7:39 AM M NR, W 14th it. 7:M AM Fumtan st, hklvn. !»:M AM .6.1 NR, W 2.Vh st 11:30 A.M Bermuda .Portland Sept 3... . Norfolk Sept 3... Bermuda' La Ceiba ..Ha:.fax Bermuda .18 NR, W 4fith at . 18 SB. Murray at. 11:10 AM 7:00 AM .S.T NR. Frank'in at. 4:00 TM .. .88 NR, W 14th at. 0:L1 AM CO ER, Peck S!-.p 1:09 PM 39th at. Bklyn. *:.'.* AM ...97 NR, W STtH it. 9:30 AM Southampton August 29 .54 NR, W 14th st 10:.« AM ... Galveston Auguit 20....36 NR, Spring st. «:.W »M 8: IS AM 0:30 PM 9:15 AM CONTRACT BRIDGE TEACHERS POwMol VSROSBB, Wt«ne»day 4 Friday lIKBBj maxH.r. STT/DIO. RROAD BmSSL S "*?n Fasti—til by CUL-
»ERT?0V AMOCIATB. Supervised play S*nar t-.J Thursday afternoons. ''M.I g'WMl. M MMTR COFRMS, MM* stri Aia c1 „r teachers. (Duplicate fciB?-..? ' ir*?,,»y eviT.ings.) r: MTRIEL 200 Wait 54th it. r!i#»ii . »»k end*. LCNfH RoiTTimiDGE t, Sottl Blitmon Brldga C1u1» Beat " '' - ?-n "rv or every flAy _'<• II a met Tei, MTJrray Hill 9-0454 This hand will bo discussed in tomorrow's article. for the trump suit every card in my hand was high. But before pro­ ceeding to play out the spades I paused to consider two possibilities. First, East had seemed very anx­ ious, after winning with1 his ace of diamonds, to get the club trick in. It seemed very unlikely that the diamond queen in Dummy might furnish me a discard, but East had not taken any chances. This was some indication that East must be fairly sure of winning the setting trick and he could not be sure unless he not only held the spade queen but held it so well guarded that he would have been able to withstand a finesse. An­ other thing which occurred to me was that West probably had four clubs and, having shown four hearts by hit lead of the deuce, was very likely to be short in spades. In case East had four spades the hand could not be made by merely finessing. In any case, I thought I would try to find out something about the club distribution. So I led the jack of diamonds, and overtook it with Dummy's queen. Next I led the club seven from Dummy and East's Jack fell, where­
upon I ruffed with the spado eight. After cashing the ace of hearts I led the diamond deuce which I had so carefully saved, and the diamond nine furnished a much-needed en­ try to Dummy. The next lead from Dummy was the club ten, and East was powerless. If he discarded his last heart I would discard the dia­
mond king. I would then ruff a heart, topping any spade East might play and reenter Dummy by means' of the spade ace to take a final finesse for the last two tricks. If on the lead of the club ten East ruffed, I would simply overruff. go over to the spade ace. finesse for the queen, lead out the last trump with my king and cash the king of diamonds. By no play could East prevent me' from making the four spade contract. East chose to ruff the club, whereupon the play proceeded as I have described it. The final result could not have been achieved by any other line of play, but East only shook his head wearily and observed that he probably shouldn't have trumped the club. Copyright. 1934. Ely Culbartaon. ...95 NR, W .V>th at. 5th nt, Hohoken. . Pamiltoo av, Bklyn. Montagre at. Bklyn. 25 NR, Franklin at. ... 34 NR. Canal st. 7 SR, Rector it. ILF. DR FRANCE, French Havre Auguat 20....57 NR, W IXa at 11:43 AM MAJESTIC, Cunard-Whlta Star MOHAWK, Clyde-Mallory.. MONARCH OF BERMVDA, Fumesa Prince Benr.uda Sept 2 95 NR, W 5T>th at. ORIZABA. Ward Vera Cruz August 29 14 EB, Wall at. rASTORES, Colombia CriitohJi August 26 8 ER (Coentiea Slip) QIEEN OF BERMtDA, Furnens Bermuda Bermuda Sept 2 ROTTERDAM. Holland-Amer... . Bermuda SANTA INEZ, Grice Valparaiso Aug 11.. TOMORROW. AMOR. Roval Dutch Mararaihn August 23 BOBTRT E I.EE, Old Dominion . Norfolk Sept 4 SEMINOLE, Clyde-Mallory Jacksonville Sept 2 I'LL A, United Fruit Port Union August 28. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 0. CALEDONIA, Cunard-Anchor. ... Glasgow August 29. .56 NR. W 14th at CITY OF MONTGOMERY. Savannah Savannah Sept 3 46 NR. Charles at EXOCHORDA, Amer Exp. .Mediterraneim F, Jeraey City FLORIDA. Eaitern Portland Sept 5 1H SR, Murray st FORT ST GEORGE. Furneia Red Cross St Johns Sept 1 74 NR. W S4th at MADISON'. Old Dominion Norfolk Sept S «5 NR. Frdflkitt! st MANHATTAN. U S Llnea Hamburg August 29 ...61 NR. W 21st at. 12:30PM MARTINIQUE. Colombian Haitian ports Fnltim *t. Rklyn. ML'SA. United Fruit Puerto Cortez 7 NR, Rector at. FM NORTHERN PRINCE, Fur.iesi Prlnct Buenoa Aires August 18 430 at, Bklyn. AM DEPARTURE OF VESSELS. TODAY. Stcamara Satis For Pier Mails Ho. ACADIA F.astern S » 1:09 PH. .Yarmouth ..18 NR. Murray at. 10:30 AM CHEROKEE Clyde-Mallory Nooti .Charleston... .34 NR, Canal st. EXC AMBION Amer Export 4:90 PM FLORIDA Eaatern 1:90 PM m 97 09 97 70 100 71 19*1 73 95 74 • 'H 89 78 84 ar aeo toOS) 29.91 29.90 MAO «»AI 29.81 ast.rj 29 ••'< S9.43 ' High- 9:38 AM 8:90 AM 3:98 T-'M 3:30 PM 3:30 PM 7:99 AM 9:39 AM 3:30 PM 8:90 *M 4:90 TM Mostly cloudy and cooler tonight; fair and cooler tomorrow; moderate to fresh westerly winds. TODAYS RECOBD IN THIS Cllf. Temp. Humid. Burnm. 8 A. M » A. M 10 A. M 11 A. M 12 M 1 l\ M t r. M 3 P. M Temperatures on eat, 77 degiees. lowest, 69 degrees. GENERAL DATA. Temperature. Mean yesterday. f.8 Departure from normal —2 Departure s.nce January 1 —7*i Normal this date Highest mean thfa date Loweat mean this date Highest this date Lowaat thla date Precipitation. Daya with rain this date Total this month to date Departure from normal Total since January 1 Departure from normal Normal for this month Greateat amount this month., Leaat amount this month other beverage, is essentially a matter of taste; what pleases one consumer may be found unpalata­ ble by another, and during our travels in Europe, we learned at an early date not to be disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm shewn by visitors from home when intro­
duced to some of the most famous of the old world brews. Practically every one of the im­ portant countries of Europe, and almost every town and every brewer, produces a differently-
flavored beer. The difference may­
be due to the materials used, or it may bo caused by another method of brewing. The water, the nature of the malt and even the tempera­ture of the mashing or the fermen­
tation may be responsible for the characteristics of the beer, which may be found pleasing or objection­ able, according to the taste of the drinker. To measure the standard of Amer­
ican beer by that of similar prod­
ucts made in other lands appears— to this writer at least—to be as un­ wise as to compare Scotch whisky to American rye. Each one (when good) has its fine qualities; each one appeals to a different type of taste. With the beers of the Far East mentioned by our correspondent, this writer, unfortunately, is un­ acquainted; but he has had oppor­
tunity to sample many of the world's greatest brews, and so far as his personal taste is concerned, the beer which some of the great American brewers are now turning out does not suffer by comparison. Our ccrrespondent's letter fol­
lows : prohibition days, but I think we have a long way to go before our product equals some of the foreign brands. "I am sure an article in the Wine Trail would be most interesting, and I hope you will investigate the subject further. "After all is said and done you can hardly blame some of us for being skeptical when our own ex­ perience indicates that better beer is obtainable elsewhere." (Ta be continued.) I "Along the Wine Trail'' 1 VOLUME n The second volume of article* by G. Selmer Fougner printed In this column is now available. Tho booklet contains tbo following: History of dlstillation-WHISKY, Rye, Bourbon, Scotch and Irish; GIN. Holland, English and American; history or LIQUEURS from all parts of the world; CIDER. Applejack; MALTED LIQUORS. Beer and Ale; a few selected recipes for cocktails, punches, cups and fizzes: also advice and recipes for amateur wine makers. VOLUME 1 of tHia tenet—of which a second prtntino is now ready-
contained Sir. Fougner'a article* on utnes of the world, and how to buy, keep, aerve and con­
sume them. "Along the Wine Trail" (Vol­
umes I and II) will bo mailed upon receipt of fifteen cents for each, addressed to the Service Department, The Sun, 280 Broad­
way, New York. This is the seventh of a series of articles on The Truth About Beer. Queation* and Answers. "I have noticed in recent issues of your column that you are run­ ning recipes for the use of liquor with foods," writes a Trailer. "May I suggest that Jamaica rum is good with almost anything that vou can put sugar in? As you pro'iably know, it is an excellent flavoring with almost any fresh fruit, particularly berries of all sorts, or pineapples. "I^i^t Sunday I tried some in scrambled eggs in place of the more conventional Worcestershire sauce and to my amazement, found same quite palatable. After all, why not when you think of rum omelets? "A teaspoonful or two on almost any flavor of ice cream comes al­ most to my idea of perfection. Again, this isn't so strange when you think of the shrubs that used to be.used throughout the South. and doubtlessly still are, on ice cream " As a fruit flavoring; this writer will cheerfully indorse Jamaica rum. It may even please some when used with ice crearn. But as nes de Peyster) calls for three gal­
lons of water, seven pounds of sugar, oatmeal by the pound, spice, raisins and lemons by the quart and two gallons of the very best Madeira wine. "And this, my readers, was for the ladies, who partook of it free­
ly and often without scandal, and returned to their homes in time to prepare for their husbands' and sons' coming to their suppers, where another goodly quantity of liquid refreshment awaited all parties." Copyright, 1034. All Rlghta Reserved. This department answers ail In­ quiries on wines and liquors their selection and how to keep, aerve and consume them. These Journey* "Along the Wine Trail" appear daily in The Sun. I have been able to compare | to the scrambled egg combination, American beer with some of the foreign-made brews, since until re­ cently, I was abroad—in fact, a good part of the prohibition period was =pent traveling in the Far East on business. the answer is, no, thanks. An Old American Drink. "Have you ever heard of a drink "•Tllrd cn'idlc- and ran vou tell me of what it is made?' inquire* v. 'So far as I am concerned, none j Southampton, N. Y., Trailer. ABRAHAM € m A&S has lassoed a famous Old Country Wine > e t/i f.i 03.0—1038 4*0-1S72 . If, . n.«3 •0.33 , 29.21 —O.T8 3 311 .14.M—1S«2 . 0 1 j—1884 IOWAJJ Amer Hawaiian KoyififtTET* Bernstein Midnight. I.ADY DRAKE...Canadian Nafl HAOISON Old Dominion 1:80 PM. MONARCH OF BKRMI l>A. furness Bermuda 3:88 PM STATEMIAM .... Holland-Amer 18:88 TM Beirut F. Jersey City. 1:30 PM Portland ...18 NR, Murray at. • • • Pacific Coast. 0, Bean Doeka. Rklyn. 420 at. 3:00 PM Antwerp. . D, weehawken, NJ. Georgetown 0:00 PM Norfolk....18 NR, Franklin at. Bermude.. Rotterdam. .05 NR. W Mth at. 18:30 PM ...8th at, Hoboken. — TOMORROW. BRONX. \J0** HAKT 8TTM9, tHI SEDGWICK. l*m< /.:"', r f'"*r tr^l* Cash prize IP-;*'' TIM'V, tveninej. trephlee Fri- QCESTION§ ANSWERED. Questions en bidding ana play will be anawerad It addrened to Contract Bridge Editor and accompanied by a •eir-addreaaad stamped anvatope. •TOPPING AT VANDF.RR1I.T. Capt. David Potter. U. S. N.. and Mrs. Potter of Philadelphia are at the Vanderhllt Hotel. Also at that hotel are Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Howie of Cleveland and Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Jameo of Rye. .Rotterdam..K. Weehawken. NJ. 8:30 AM Savannah 48 NR, Charles at, •—— Hamburg .. 00 NR, W 4«th it. 8:00 PM RI.ACK EAGIE. Black Diamond —— CITY OF ST LOUS... .Savannah 8:80 PM DEtTSCHLAND, Hamburg-American Midnight GEORGE WASHINGTON, Old Dominion 1:88 PM MAJESTIC ..Cunard-White Piar 8:00PM MOHAWK Clyde-Mallory Noon ORIZABA Ward 11:08 AM PRESIDENT HARDING. t'uited States Noon. Hafaburg 58 NR. w 18th at QCEEN OF BERM1 DA. Fumwa Bermuda 3:88 PM. Bermuda 85 NR, TV 55th at. 11:30 PM THIRSDAY. SEPTEMBER 8 Mteamers Sal's For Pier Mails rio. 3:00 PM.. San Domlngo__Ctty .Norfolk....t» NR, Franklin at. .S'thimpton-.M NR. W 14th at. .Miami 34 NR. Canal at. .Vera Crua 13 ER, Wall at. 1:08 PM 8:30 AM 8:00 AM BORTNQtTN . CEIKANGER FALCON ..Puerto Rleo ..J W Elwell i Red D None 3:80 PM EDWARD LrCKRNRACH, Lukenbach GRIPSHOLM Swedish Am KOSCICSIKO Cdynia-Am. MARIE HORN neenn Dominion ORMES ..... American Srantlc 4:08 "M PAN BOLIVAR R L Hague TASTORES Colombian >ioon PREMDENT MONROE.... Dollar 8:08 l'\. 15 ER, Maiden t.ana Noon ..Mallllo S8th st, Rkiye. Koe>n No<m .Maracaibo. 11 Bklyn, Fnrman at. 0:30 AM RORERT E LEE, O'.d Dominion 1:00 I'M SEMTNOLE Clyde-Mallory >oon VERAGIA United Fruit 4:00 VM SCANPENN American Scantlc WEST HCMHAW Barber AMAPALA fHond), from La Ceiba, Is ex- parted at pier 20, East River (Peck Slip), Friday forenoon. AMERICAN MERCHANT, from London, la axpacted at pl»r 58, North Rlvar (l«th at), Monday forenoon. AMERICAN SHIPPER, from Liverpool via Cobh, la expected at plar 80, North Rlvtr (10th it), Monday forenoon. AQCITANIA (Br), from Southampton via Cherbourg, la expected at pier 84. North River (14th at), Friday forenoon. BREMEN (Or), from Bremen via South­ ampton and Cherbourg, la expected at filer 88, North River (40th st). Monday orenoon. BYRON (Greek), from Piraeua, 1e ex­ pected at 8*th at, Brooklyn, Monday forenoon. CALIFORNIA (Br), from Canada via Ber­ muda, la expected at pier SO, North Rivet (14th at), Saturday forenoon. CO IAMBI A, from Cristobal and Port-au- Ptlnce, la expected at pier 0, East River (Coentiea Slip), Monday forenoon, CBAMO, from Santo Domingo City via San Juan, la expected at pier 27. North River (Hubert at), Monday forenoon. FRANCONIA (Br), from Canada via t!«r- muda. Is expected at pier 80. North River (14th sn, Saturday forenoon. PREDERIK Vrtl (Dan), from Copen­ hagen via Oslo, Is expected at fltli st, Hoboken, Sunday ff.rvr'OOr. GATI'N (Hondi. from Frontera, la ex pected at pier 20. F.aat River (peck Slip:, Morday forenoon. HA3MCRG (Ceri. from Hamhurf via Southampton, Cherhourg and Cohh. Is ex- p«-ted at pier 88, North River (40th it), Frldav forenoon. RtNGSHOLM (8wed), from Gothenburg Pacific Coast. 35th at, Bklyn. 8:38 AM Gothenburg 81 NR, S7th st. 8:30 AM Gdynia 30th at, Rklyn. Neo-i Cayenne 08 ER, Ctaharine et. Noon .c,eorgeto« n.40 ER, Clarkson it. 1:30 VM Aruba 8, Rsyonne, N*. 8:30 AM Cristobal 8 NR. Rector It. 0:38 AM World Cruise, .. 8, Jeraey City, Itth st. _— Norfolk... 35 NR. Franklin at. Jacksonville. .34 NR. Canal et. —— Port Limon.. 8 NR. Rector at. 1:30 PM Lfnigrad D. Jersey City. S:30PM West Africa, 30, Bklyn, Pioneer St. 0:00 AM BY WIRELESS. via Cherbourg, 1a expected at pier 97, North River (57th it), Saturday fore­ noon MILWACKEE (Ger), from Hamburg via Bremen, Boulogne and Galway, la ex­ pected at pier 84, North River (44th ft). Sunday forenoon. MORRO CASTLE, from Havana. <* GENERAL FORECAST. WASHINGTON. Sept. 4-East-
ern New York: Mostly cloudy and cooler tonight; rain in extreme north portion; Wednesday fair and cooler. New Jersey: Mostly cloudy to­ night; Wednesday fair; cooler late tonight and Wednesday. Connecticut: Fair tonight and Wednesday; somewhat cooler Wednesday. Fresh southerly winds becoming southwest or west. of the American beers purchased :"' I compare remotely with the foreign- g'4' j made beer that I have tasted. I refer specifically to a few of the brands currently sold throughout Asia—i. e., Beck's, Holstein and Carlsburg. Even the leading brands of Japanese beer—Asahi, Sapporo and Season-are, in my opinion, su­ perior. The only beer that I tasted abroad which seemed to be similar to American beer was Allsops and Tenents, both English. "Whether foreign beers sold in export markets are the same as that consumed domestically is some­ thing I do not know. I have al­ ways understood that export brew contained up to 8 per cent alcohol. "American beer may be as good and better than it was in the pre- Followlng are weather observations taken at 8 A. M., aeventy-fifth meridian time, today for the past twenty-four houra: Temperature Rainfall laat 24 hra. Barom- last Stationa. High. LAW. eter.24hn.Weather New York city 73 OR Albany 80 6fi S« or, 70 70 .V> «2 Ofi Abilene 80 Atlanta 83 Atlantic City. 74 74 74 S4 80 70 M 84 74 7fi Baltimore.. Bismarck . Boston Buffalo ... Charleaton Chicago ... Cincinnati.. Cleveland . Dallas .... Denver Detroit 84 Galveston .. SO Hamllton.Ber. 8fl Havana, Cuba — Helena 82 Indianapolis., sn Jackaonville.. S8 Kanaae City.. 02 I.na Angeles.. 84 Miami 84 Milwaukee .. TO Minneapolis.. 88 Montreal 80 New Orleans. 00 Norfolk 78 Oklahoma City 72 Tensacola ... 84 Philadelphia.. 74 Pittsburgh... 82 Portland, Me.. 72 Portland, Ore. 84 Raleigh 72 Salt Lake City 82 San Antonio.. 84 San Diego.... 74 San Franclaco 00 pected at pier 14. East River (Wall at), Saturday forenoon. MCNARGO, from Havana via Nassau, is expected at pier 04, North River (24th st). Friday forenoon. NERISSA (Br), from Ft Thomas, la ex­ pected at pl»r 74, North River (34th si). Monday forenoon PONCE, from San .Tuan. 1a expected at pier 15, East River (Maiden Lane), Monday forenoon PRESIDENT CLEVELAND, from Kar East via San Francisco, u expected ai 12tn st, Jersey City. Saturday forenoon. PRESn>ENT VAN BT REN from world cruise, la expected at 12th et, leney City, Monday forenoon. QtTHIGrA, from Fort Llmon via Cristo­ bal and Havana, Is expected at pier 7, North River (Rector at), Sunday fore­ noon SANTA PACLA, from Seattle via Crtito- bal and Havana, is expected at pier 01, North River (21st et i. Monday forvnonn. Sf'YTHIA (Br), from Liverpool via t'obh. Galuay and Boston, i? txpected at pi»r 80. North River (14th at), Monday 'ore- noon SHAWNEE, from Miami via Jacksonville. Is expected at pter 34. North River (Canal et). Friday forenoon. VERNDAM (Dutch), from Rotterdam via Boulogne and Southamp'on, Is exiicfert at 6th at, Hoboken, Monday forenoon. Savannah Seattle St. Louis.... Tampa Washington. Winnipeg 8K SO 70 OO 70 84 29.Sn .S2 Rain 20.80 .14 Cloudy 30.08 .01 Clear 29.92 — Clear 20.C2 .08 Cloudy 29 S2 .84 Pt. Cldy 29.90 - Clear 29.H4 .10 Rain 29.OS — Clear 72 299S — Clear .'.fl 29.04 .08 pt. Cldy 88 29.82 .10 Rain 00 29.08 — Cloudy 00 39.04 — Clear 50 30 04 — Clear «fi 29.(V2 .02 Cloudy 70 30.04 .12 Clear 78 30.10 — Pt. C1dy - 29.98 — Clear 84 29.90 — Cloudy 58 29.7S .10 Cloudy 72 30.no — Clear 50 29.P4 .02 Clenr 84 20.88 — Clear 78 30.00 _ Clear 54 2°.58 .00 Rain 48 29 74 .01 Pt.Cldy 02 29.81 .08 Cloudy 72 29 90 .00 Cloudy 88 28.08 .04 Cloudy 80 3004 - Clear 7f. 29.94 — Cloudy 70 29.80 .18 Rain 84 28.78 - Clear 82 2890 .22 Cloudy 80 3O.00 — Clear 82 29.94 - Clear 88 .10.00 — Clear 82 3008 .90 Clear 80 29.88 - Cloudy 80 29.98 - Pt. Cldr 88 29.98 - Clear 00 29 98 - Cloudy 54 29.80 .80 Cloudy 70 29 08 — Clear 08 29.84 1.80 Cloudy 80 59.80 .14 Cloudy The caudle dates back to Co- lom«.i days. The following delight­ ful description of it is taken from "Tn-J Goode Vrow of Mana-ha-ta," by Mrs. John V^n Rensselaer: "The particular dainty that was the inseparable accompaniment of the reception, and gave it the name, was the drink that was brewed and served piping hot to the visitors. It was called caudle, and its concoction was a secret caiefully preserved in certain fam­
ilies, who always prepared it and sent it to the house of 'the lady in the straw' as an especial mark of their favor. "A family receipt that has been handed down from mother to daughter through the descendants of Cornelia Lubbetse (Mrs. Johan- Petersens Consumo Sherry A delirious medium gulden sherry, nianrlim* as an appetiser. 10 years old, and very special at 1.00 a fifth. Imported from *pain. Abraham 4 Straus Wine ttii liquor Store 11 Gallatin Place. Brooklyn Retail Liiuor Otere Lie. Ni. L-5 t I mberland 6-6000. EI ROPEAN WEATHER. (Observatione taken at 1 A. M.. E S. T.) Barometer.Temperature, Weather. London. Paris... Berlin.. Vienna. Warsaw 30 03 30 12 29 92 30 08 30.09 -9 A3 61 57 63 Pt. Cldy Foggy Foggy Raining Pt. Cldy EVENTS TONIGHT. Amerlcan-Csechoilovsk Chsmoer of Com­
merce, dinner to Pr. Ferdinand Veverka, Minister to the United States, on board steamship President Harding, Pier 00. 6:30 o'clock. PI Kappa Thl. party, Hotel Waldorf- Astoria, 8:30 O'clock. BOY HERO FEARS TO FACE HIS PALS Lewis Deane's Swimming Feat Brings Worry. There wao only one thing worry­
ing Lewis Deane today. Would his classmates at Port Washington High School become sloppy over the fact that Lewis, at 15 years of age, had swum for four hours in the choppy, waters of Long Island Sound, towing an eighteen-foot cathoat with one passenger by a rope in his teeth? Lewis is the ?on of Dr. Harry T. Deane, a dentist, of 200 West Fifty- seventh street. He took the boat out on Sunday, accompanied by Bertha Oppenhelm, 15 years old, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Oppenheim of 138 West Eighty-fourth street. The pair left the North Hemp­
stead Yacht Club on Manhasset Bay in the afternoon, expecting to return before dark. Mr. Oppen­
heim, who is vice-commodore of the club, asked the Port Washing­
ton Coast Guard and the New Rochelle police to look for the youngsters when they failed to ap­ pear by 10 o'clock. It had been simply a case of lack of wind combined with a reluctance on the part of tho sailors to ask for a tow from a passing power boat. Lewis slipped into the water and towed the cathoat to the beach of the William R. Hearst estate at Sands Point. They telephoned the yacht club and Bertha's brother, Paul, came over in a car for his sister. Lewis stayed with the boat until Alfred H. Copp, aboard the yacht Dodo, saw his electric torch winking and towed the catboat back to the club. Yesterday Bertha and Lewis found plaudits too much, so they em­ barked again foe the privacy of the Sound. This time the wind held up. Grapple for Father and Son. The police today continued grap­
pling for the bodies of F. Gordon Busteed, president of the Board of Education of Garrison, N. Y., and his son R. Gordon Busteed, 14, who were drowned yeste.day in the Hudson River off the estate of President Roosevelt at Hyde Park. The father met his death while trying to sav*e his son, who had fallen from the deck of a small motor boat. Mrs. Busteed witnessed the drownings and is in a serious condition from shock. The Busteeds were members of a party who were returning from Saugerties from Cold Spring. Resorts. New Jereey-Attantle City. TArCLARIDGE"?,a^ ATLANTIC CITY for Reaervatient Call NY Office. OHirkfrtna 4-fikM 7* TRAYM( ettUNTK [ORE CITY VkePtv-mhiontHoklArntewmeni •».* ATMCOV 8nofli Illinois avenue. MtMJlOKJS* overlooking Boardwalk. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Brighter and Mora Attractive than Ever. T H F. A M B A H I A O « It Allaatle City. N. J. Americas ia< Eureseaa Pleat New York-Adirondack*. "For a Olorlotis AI TI >IN Vncntlon— THF. ADIRONDACK^." Pennsylvania TMt INN AT BUCK HILL MILS. PINNA. 27 holei gulf, til uportii, entitle!. InemtnOte. New Yntk Offl.-e. 500 Fifth Awn. I.A(k«wtnrt 4-421? Canada. Travel. T^ay Line JketW VP th* HUDSON •ei MY ownstes ...T*»a*ai» ••*••«• *• Aisaav ottAattas UAVt w. eB or. PUR E Kn BS Uwtwaaskkw T.«W.W—,t»w(p»r><»Ti»») ROUND TRIP PARES Si 00 u> laeje* POM lis) ts Bear Meaatsia IKtoWMFoiet I JS to Nrabwgk I 71 Ul PoufklWfM JSCUJ K.notod roiel 1JS IO CiUkill ISO to Hilton. . . 40nto ALBANY . | m M | Yer» to Alhtay. DIRECT BUB 16 Sleuem from Newtek. Jeaqr City Psffflinfdilt, FraepoTt snd Jamsict BOBBY SANPORJrS Renn en "Skew Beat BMMI Dining, Oenilwt jesw Exning L» W 4M 0k Pee. SJ0PM.W |St>n.,*WPM..Yeahiet,t»P.M.: B—No mm ejroiai I BjO fVtett JPJSfjSJ Nee IMl Mil et mil. thow, lu. tl U <S»!uM»yi K Mil CO NOW-LeM Shw.ho.irf See— Seat. ttk. MUSIC RESTAURANT CAPtTtRIA •WDr/Uoi e/Mt4M*.Pkf MrHiMNi $ SPECIAL ROUND-TRIP RATE to and TROY ALBANY 3 Round Sept. 4 & S. Rttara Trip Liaiil Thar., Sept f from Pier 52, N. a (helott 14th St.) at • P.M.-1) ST. W lMth st »t « 4" r .ML Spec1«l Bunds? service frcm Pier 52 R.8J, only «t 10 p M. to Catikill. H'ld-rm A Alhtny. Ftr Ntwbursh. Cittkill sad Hudtea Service— etatult ticket stent. Stiternomt tl an Brierls! il dinner. Alio a It carte. Aiitni ocenmp I tin ant wiy, lit rnund trip Phone CfleHu 3-440'>. IirDSOS RIVER NIGHT LINE Voir tir.rf^r nci'- erpTicrtcrrJ Management. Hudson River steamboat Co.. inc., Leeeee Ka.ffRStrs.uVIRGIKIA,,M."YORKTOWhM Providence *3$9 30-DAY ROUND TRIP 80.00. ^^sR** Boston s4-t 30.DAY KOIND TRIP 80.00. " "•" Reemi with hit see celt) ruealet wittr II te 11.10. with snewer, toilet et aatn. 12.JO 10 M. uailpd Run.. Pier II, N.R.. et LIDtrty St.. •> P.M.. 0.0.1. Til. OArclty 7-ISOO. Orcktttri A Dtaelae. COLON IAL LINE WEEN END EXCURSIONS—Ve Ssturesv. Return Sua. or Men. Rett. %$. Prev. 04. New Bettors: tS.M. New Ltw Auto Rate*—Oasetyi 13, Week Dayt tl. AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH SEAS via Tahiti and Raratonga Mail and pnssengpr service from S.m Fra.iclscn everv 28 days FOR FAKE?. FTC.. NORTON MM.Y A CO . 20 B«iver Of. U. t.. or INION 8 0. CO of NEW ZEALAND. SM California St., Man Franclaco fhatenn Frontemtr. Quebec. Low Fares. CANADIAN PACIFIC. 344 Madison Ave. THE SUNS EXCURSION SELECTOR Aa alphabetical listing by towns of weekend and holiday train excursions at low round trip fare, on modernly equipped, comfortable fast trains. (All time shown is Eastern Standard.) Destine lion "Round Trip Fare Date Particular! Time at Destination For Detalia Telephone Albtny $2.00 Sunday, September 8 •«R Tcrk Central, l-t O C. T. «:t» tnd t A M. Return »\m nlthl 0J SO R T Full Day VAn.lerhllt 3-!)Ki0 A Beaqtifnl Sail OR Breeiy L. I. Soantl Ctr BELLE ISLAN CF B-a. To BO'IN mini 1 «.n I.vs. Battery landing. N. V. IA:M AM Lvs. Fast ISath M.. Rr»nt t«:MI AM Bi.v Rldg.< Ave.. Brooklyn avt A.M D*NCIN«i-NAI,T WATF.R RATHINfi Bound Trip: 81 «V. tondayt. 0110 Phone A*hlnnd i *i*'*i ___ FARE $1 A4BI BV PARK MINC. BRANCH $1.00 W>d S»pt I tlin Pun . Sept » I Be* .tepey Centril Wed Sert «.Hi.t» l.lhertvSt T 21* 10-10 ' i A M Hun 8»|t i"h * 10 A M L» OJ BM st 2,1 min sgfTlel Full Day A4RI'BY PARK LONG BRANCH $1.00 Wed . Sept »: tlin Sun . Sept » Raw* Bet* mssassi t.» Pier si.ft w 42-1 st Wed Reg I _ .. _ 5th K0-, A 0 A II Pun Sept Oth, IT ft W 42d 01 ,1 05 A M | fU|| \)Ay t.t Pier 10. ft Cedsr Pt. 15 minutes liter rVrturn s»me dav 1 BArr-iny 7 OftTo BArclay T-flflTO Atlontit City | $2.00 *iicdav. eVpt B I N»n .tspsy return! arty H MS. A M. f,e te RM M T 5.5 A M \* Mh Return l.» Atlantic ntv 8rt8 PM Full Day TlArrlay T WTO I TO BRIDGEPORT * *§j5f» I I Mr. I.vs. Battery Dally m:M A. M. I kv Tel. BArclay 1 2.50ft-HUhoken S-tOnO ^ ~~ "TOCRIST" * 40-Mile Panorama AROUND MANHATTAN ISIANO l,»s. Bsttery riallT 1040, 2 SO. PntM OOwllai f.uni 11T77 WEST INDIE*. A CARIBOEAN r.UCAT COUISEO everv neck nlth the Cr»»! White Fleet It II 29 dsv. «0.5 tnd up UNITED FSUIT CO Pier *, N R. Trl. WHttetilll 4 !«*0. or S.12 'th A»» . Trl l-Ack 4 01 ft OERMUOAT-tM UP^TrOEOUENT SAILINflO.. FURNE8S 0CRMUDA LINE. 14 Whittnill V.. S IGHT EEING YACHT i - I f Untitled Document file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/hello.html2/\
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