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AMUSEMENTS THE NEW YORK SUN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1931. 31 Along the Wine Trail U. 5. Brewers Association Answers Beer Charges —Brandy Cocktail Recipes, By G. SELMER FOUGNER Let the crystal beaker tame and shine Brimming o'er with the draught divine. —Bayard Taylor. 4,Mv attention has been called," writes C. D. Williams, gecretarv of the United States Brewers Association, "to mm arti( If in your column 'Along the Wine Trail,' on the lubiect of damaging reports, possibly instigated by boot-legrgpr~ rrlative to types and quality of beer now being •reduced by the brewers of this country. "I am much interested in your'; itatement that such a campaign j jja. been making much progress ; durmg the pas* few weeks and that i H i« time to s'op it. ! "Any farts that you may have in , •our posse.-.-tnn of interest to us, | an jjsot lation of the legitimate; brewing inciusti'v which—above all i things--wi?hes to keep Ha skirts ' clean and maintain a definite code tf ethics of the highest type, now I being participated in by the respon- | lible brewers and which should be ! linown to the public, would be | greatly appreciated The statements made by your eorrespondent, and quoting an old ssseasistsr, are entirelv erroneous. "While it i3 true that formerly fceer contained about 3 per cent al-' echo! the statement that beer can- ' not bv fermentation reach a higher alcoholic content that 4 per cent Is Incorrect "Never'heless. beers having an alcoholic strength of over 5 per eent are extremely rare. Eight per eer.t beer If never found. "It i« not a current trade prac­
tice although we know of a few Isolated cas^s of a brewer having advertised be»r of 8 and 10 per cent proof spirits that represented irerely a 4 or 5 per cent beer by weight, which is the current term of evaluation, and such an adver­
tisement on a label—whether or not Intended to mislead—is deplored by • and is along with any other false or misleading statement, the lubject of an intensive, educational Campaign at this time." i To he continued.) This Is the eighth article of • terie* on The Truth About Beer. "Along the Wine Trail" VOLUME II The MH'ond volume of articles by G. Selnier Fougiier printed In this column la now available. The booklet contains the following: History of distillation-WHISKY. F.ve Bourbon. Scotch and Irish; GIN. Holland. English and American; history o; LIQUEURS from all parts of the world: CIDER. Applejack. MALTED LIQUORS. Beer and Ale; a few selected recipes for cocktails, punches, cups and fizzes: also advice and recipes for amateur wine makers. VOLCM* 1 of thin *ei\es—of xchich a second. prtnttna \s now ready— contains Mr. Fnutj^tr-'s articles on -ju%nes of the world, and how to buy, keep, eerie and con­
sume them. "Along the Wine Trail" (Vol­
umes I and II) rill be mailed upon receipt of fifteen cents for each, addressed to the Service Department, The Sun. 280 Broad •ray. New York. NATIONALTHEATER IN AMERICA URGED Maenate Coektall. One-half brandy. One-fourth Maraschino One-fourth French vermouth Copyright, 1934. All Rlfhti Reserved. This department answer* ail in­
quiries on wines and liquors, their selection and how to keep, serve and consume them. These journeys "Along the Wine Trail" appear dally in The Sun. Star of "One Night of Love," with Tullio Carminati and Lyle Talbot, which opens tomorrow at the Music Hall. Mary Pickf ord to Talk Over Proposal. Mary Pickf ord was planning to­
day to confer with Eva Le Oallienne i about the foundation of a national I academy of dramatic art. The! legitimate stage needs a national, j theater subsidized by the Federal Government as a foundation upon j which the spoken drama may be built to its former magnitude, the ! actress asserted, after her arrival here last night on a hurried busi-ness trip from California. "It is my idea that a committee of actors and actresses be formed I I to draw up plans in detail," Miss I Fickford explained. "I would sug-| gest Walter Huston. Walter Hamp-
1 den. George Arliss, Katharine Cornell. May Robson, Eva Le Gal­lienne and myself." Miss Pickford then suggested the same actors and actresses to be­ come directors of the academy. After talking with Miss Le Gal-lenne, she said, they will discuss the stage situation with officials in Washington. The immediate cause of her trip to New York, however. Miss Pick- ford said, was to clear up a few business details in connection with a picture she Is about to produce The title is "The Flame Within" and the author and director is Ed­
mund Goulding. Besides taking steps to found a national academy and doing a bit of business, the actress also will take time out to consider offers from two firms that may feature her in a series of radio sketches, and to weigh the possibilities of a play by an anonymous playwright. Miss Pickford said she was not "saying anything about" her af­
fairs with her husband, Douglas Fairbanks For the duration of her proposed three-day visit she is stopping at the Sherry-Netherlands. Sour Milk His Drink. NORTH BERWICK, Eng -Sour ' milk gets part of the credit for the ' longevity of John Arundel of North Berwick, who with his Nottingham brother, Robert, claims the record j of being the oldest twin in Eng-1 land. On his ninetieth birthday an-1 niversary recently, John proclaimed ; that he confines his beverages to milk no longer fresh. CLEW TO NELSON PROVES A FAKE Atlantic City Man Seized for Giving Tip/ ATLANTIC CITY, Sept 5 (A. P).-Federal agents and police­ men, who raided a local inn today in search of "Baby Face" Nelson, a Dillinger mobster, arrested an al­ leged telephone "tipster" a few hours later. Earl W. Leeds, thirty-eight years old. a plastering contractor, was i resembling Nelson was in the ear. charged with malicious mischitf am a complaint signed by Samuel Hinden. proprietor of the Inn. Hinden testified in a spacial ses­
sion of the police court that Leeds was ejected from the inn yesterday after he had run up a bill for drinks. Leeds threatened revenge, Hinden told Acting Recorder Jo­
seph Farreli. The defendant pleaded not guilty and declined to take the stand. Later he told reporters that he had passed the "tip" onto the wife of a detective captain after he became suspicious of an automobile which frequented the inn Leeds said the car bore license plates from New York, New Jersey and other Statea at various times, and that i man WHAT A CHISELER...this man CELLINI I Que$tion$ and Anawera. "1 have been experimenting, with good results." writes a Yonkers (N. Y I Trailer, "with the making of aru? store alcohol and commercial Have rings, and would like to know If gin mad* in this marner Is dele­
terious to the system if consumed in moderate quantities. While I re­
alize that home-made preparations do not measure up to the real prod­uct my income 13 not sufficient to afford the purchase of the better liquors, hence my desire to make my own inexpensive products." tVhile it is possible that liquors made in the above-mentioned man­
ner may not be actually deleterious, provided, of course, that the alco­
hol used is of the finest quality ob­
tainable, the problem is to deter-1 ttine that quality. This is a matter | which it is most difficult for the layman to decide, and inasmuch as • great quantity of inferior alcohol Is now being offered for sale it seems obvious that the home-made product constitutes probably a dan­ ger and most certainly a waste of time, particularly in view of the lew prices of some of the very good gin; now on the market. On the other hand, it la impos­
sible by a mere mixing of ingredi­
ents to do away with all of the im­ purities which are so effectively re- moved by subsequent distillations. NO POISON FOUND IN BOYS' DEATHS Bat Inquiry Is Continued on . School Fataities. Schwartz and Dr. Harry C. Storrs. superintendent of the Wassaic State School for the Feeble-Minded said today that the State Health; Department's report closed the in- j vestigation into the death of the thrc-e boys. "The tests have shown that the bays dind of natural causes and this office has no further interest in the case," said the District At­ torney "I believe that the fact that the three boys all died in the same ward and withth .a short time of one another was merely a ! coincidence. ( "The results of the tests shew that we have no reason to think that the death? were from other than natural causes." Dr Storrs said "The tests bear out our theorv that the deaths were natural. We could find nothing to indicate that they were from anything else." ALBANY, Sept. 5 (A P.).-The State Health Department reported today that its chemists had found no trace of diseased structures or poisons in the digestive organs of year-old Florence three boys who died simultaneously dragged two miles Father Dragged Child Two Miles. STEVENS POINT. Wis. (U. P.).-
Catching her dress on the rear bumper of her father's car, four- Kern pen was over a rough at Wassaic State School for the sranite road while her father. Cor Feeble-Minded. j nelius Kempen, drove on. ignorant The department continued its in- of har plight. The child fell off vestigation. however, by making when her dress ripped away and a tests with guinea pigs in an at- passing motorist took her to a tempt to find out what caused the hospital. Her legs were severely Rtqueated Recipes. "Brandy cocktails seem to agree with me." writes a New Jersey Trailer, "but I do not care for the famous Side-Car, which is too tweet to my taste. Can you supply •ne or two other recipes?" My collection includes scores of fersndy cocktails, but the majority call for the addition of a liqueur •tmilar to the one which goes Into the Side-Car Here are a few which t have tested. Allrtaht Cocktail. Two parts brandy. One part Italian vermouth. t)aih of orange bitters. Esteerean Cecktell. Two parts brandy. Oni part Kummel. One part French vermouth. Dart of Angostura bitters. boys to die "We are still inclined to attrib-1 ute the deaths to natural causes. although these are as yet unex- j plained." said Dr. Frederick W. j Parsons. State Commissioner of Mental Hygiene, when he received the chemists' report. "If the guinea pig test is still negative. I don't know how we can attack this thing in any other way." The three boys, sleeping in adja­
cent beds, were well when an at­
tendant awoke them at 11:30 o'clock on Thursday night. At 1:30 A. M. on Friday they were found dead in bed. One other boy died in bed and another collapsed at play earlier in the week. lacerated. ON the STAGE . Phil SPITALNY / ftatmm% ( SNtlLA Baft RETT X LUCILLE PAGE X VIVIEN PAY X Chester Male CMs »" • *» PNIL EPITAXY'S 32 MUSICAL LMHtS And Addtd Allrttlion Eleanor POWELL ARTIST! FIGHTER! MAR! But ha's always home-loving...in soma ether man's home! JOSIRM M. SOtlfilK orsieatt /WUQCH 1 in The Ami&SotC£lUM With PRANK MORGAN V ^ PAY WRAY • s>e. >fcARRYt ZANUCK T i START j o >:30 D A . A Y M . tion •:• . .' Directed by GKGOtr l* CAVA teles*** tVu UNITfO AETISTS UNITED A R T I S f R I VO L BROADWAY at 49th S tthi. (fOe£ tkks cutawwqadqd Ceae Considered Closed. POUGHKEEPSIE, Sept. 5 (A. P.).—District Attorney John R. STEEL COULD NOT WOUND HIM... Helen* Cocktail. Two parts hrandy. 0w part Swedish punch. Duh of orange bitters. ChmnrrUnr Cocktail. Two parts brandy Or* part Maraschino. Da,«h of oTung* bitters. ABRAHAM * Supervised by our own expert —this blend of straight whiskies, > I* "PATRICK HENRY" 1.19 2.29 fm Quart * ms>tr«-|i Mend «f hre- •"»' old and olher Mratfht •"••tan <in. •«ailmr-and "lor. tutu, find An* Quality. Abraham & Straus Wine and Litssr Stare H CfHjtir, Usee. Brooklyn '««» u,ii,r •»-.. LU. N*. L-l f t mherlund H-SOM -THE MAN WHO COULD NOT DIE. Coming soon 1 1- f > A MIRACLE' rr*s COFPEE! - YES, IT TASTES LIKE COTFEE BECAUSE IT'S REALLY FRESH-
PROMISE VOlfLl NEVER SCOLD ME AOAlH- Stak ccfltt iusutti ueab taste. •. tyndiyen*, naves You can't hone to be • cheerful, P*PP? person if you drink italt coffee. Coffee, when stale, contains ran­
cid oil. It not only loses Its richness and fragrance—tt upsets your nerves. It makes you an easy prey to depres­
sion and to anyone who tries to "get a rise" out of you. Chase St Sanborn have solved the fresh coffee problem for every Amer­ ican family, by a simple dating sys­
tem. They ruth their Oared Coffee frean to your grocer—the date of delivery clearly marked on (Tesvr;|t<t. ••>»*. h* *ti«dird Sfied. ta« pound for every purchaser to read. We watch this date carefully and make detleeriee so frequently that no can of Dared Coffee ever remains on the grocer's shelf more than IS days. Dated Coffee has marvelous, full, rich flavor and Is a healthful stimu­lant beceuee It's always frsth. Start drinking Chase it Sanborn'a Oared Untitled Document file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/hello.html2/\
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