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1 SHIPPING USB MAILS THE NEW YORK SUN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1934. WEATIIEIl REPORTS 27 \! On the Sun Deck Various and Sundry Jottings on the Subject of Ships and Passengers. By JOHN McCLAIN. If you know anything at all about ships, as you keep fagging, then you must know what a manifest is. You must know, for instance, that it is a very complicated and important job to list neatly and with extreme accuracy all the obj«vis, animate and inanimate aboard even the smallest vessel. And you must realize what a headache the Immi­gration nun can develop when they are confronted by a manifest that is incorrect, or illegible, or untidy. We were WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE WEATHER MAP •aiking about this very t _, the otfetf day with a member of the depa'tinfnt as we rode down the bay m the cutter. To our mild aurprise the inspector told us the sjMtfc consistently produce orderly manifests are Today's Calendar THE WEATHER TODAY'S a .%. » A. M. M. the most those of the Polish Line. Our friend didn't ftop to gu<^ why this should be. whether or not neatness and pension are national characteris­
es of the Pole, or whether they, i* A. M. w< virtues limited to the individual * M. ' Poles handUr.g manifesto He only knows that as long as ne has been .taring at manifests the Polish ones have been way out in front. from that point we hastened on Probably occasional rain tonlgh and tomorrow; moderate tempera­
ture; moderate east to southeast winds. M. M. KKl'OKD IN Trin(». 6~ IK) . tW H 7? ......... •I • ••••.... 7'i 7» THIS CITV. Humid. Kariim. 7K 74 7» M *1 si m -.;t r. 3 r. Toni|i. ratura* ""«• )f»r a«'> tuilav tst. M Ueyrets. leatast, ti.". degrees. as.is :».u :w.i» i M.lll 38.88 :W.M :to.iw! 3MB' UtaH- A A.M. .so/ ^n^^piSr 9ax. EXPLANATORY NOTtS 199 <5)»*Ow 0Ck(Aa sfcciOuOv (g)a*tM ©CAL« (KSSZ* ©•*>• t93SS» AsaBOtVS H.V WITH WIN* AOILENB GALVESTON v l iJir^jSH^n DA|LY MAP [NSW I TAMM riGUMt AT fTATtOMS TBU TINMMATWAIt •LACK LINKS AM MAWN TMMOUOH M.ACIS WHIM •AMOMITtn MAOI TNI SAMt (ISO****) MIAMI ©• UNITED STATES WEATHER BUREAU 76 frfit 6 >&4 JUJ Along the Wine Trail Charge* Againat Beer Ditproved — A Famout Italian Wine—Recipe*. By C. SELMER FOUGNER (iLNKKAL MAT.% Temperature. ., . i IMeas yesterday to inquire which ships are the most Departure froia'aornaU for the immigration to ! l^?' ":'.to™>'-
Our confrere told ua he The difficult handle. thought the Greek ships wvre thing that gives the boys the most trouble in examining immigrants Is, of course, the language. If they can understand what the alien is talking about it isn't very hard to tell if he belongs on Ellis Island or not. But in the Greek ships, says our pal, they are apt to find almost! anything. Syrian. Persian, Egyp­
tian and other quaint languages which tax the best interpretative talents of the department. We asked him if they d ever been Ituck. Not quite, he told us, but almost. Once, he said, they had a man who spoke only the tribal language ot a certain section of Egypt. After searching the whole ship over they found another immigrant who could understand the Egyptian well enough to translate his speech into bad Persian. Then they got a Per­
sian who could spean a little French, and there was an immigra­
tion inspector on board who could handle the French It took quit* a long time and sounded pretty silly at times, but they got the straight dope in the end. What if they hadn't found the ether immigrant who understood the Egyptian, we asked. Then they would have used * booh, our friend said. Seems the Immigration Department keeps a library of obscure languige diction­ aries. It would have caused a delay, but they would have been able, eventually, to find the Egyptian's dialect in one of the books, so that they could point out their questions, noun by noun. We meant to ask what would have happened if the fello*» couldn't read, but the cutter came alongside i ship at that point and we forgot. • • • ••••man's Ht»lM*y. Anybody who has traveled much recently in United States Lines ships like the Leviathan, or Man­
hattan, or Washington, has prob­
ably noticed a stocky, energetic young man w"ho wears a uniform and goes around taking pictures of various passengers during the voyage. His name is Tommy Shere and he is the ship's pho­tographer — most recently the WuMngton's photographer. But that isn't the chief point. The unusual thing about Mr. Shere is that he took his first vacation in five years the other day and turned his shipboard job over to Frank Muto, one of the regular ship news camera men whose duties take him down the bay aboard the cutter four or five times a week. And so how does Mr. Shere choose to spend his holiday? Almost the first thing he does Is to throw his camera over his shoulder and go down to cover the sailing of the Paris. "Haven't you had enough of this stuff aboard ship?" some­
body asked him "Just thought I might see what •ome of the other ships look like." Tommy said. We've seen •im around 8om«« sailing or ar­
rival almost every day since. So They Write. Dear Sir; Wliy don't you settle this namev nnding game for the new Cunarder once and for all by starting a cam- P»ign to call her the "Meglo-
mania." That ;«ems the only name 10 fit jt- C. V. R. T. Stamford. Conn. Thief Fled With Ashes Of Her Husband BlTJAPF.ST, Hungary, Sept. 6 ,A PV-Mr?. Mihaly Korda. who "turned recently to her native !•>*«. Miskolc, Hungary, after liv­
ing many years in New York, ap­
plied to police to find the ashes of J«r husband, -who died in the l"lted States last spring. Mrs. Korda fxplained that while ravelins through France a bronze «m com-,!, mc her husband's ashes »• stolen from her compartment i.*!.rairi Tbe ,h,ef apparently be-
•*m the. urn was a valuable art ol>j*ct. To feliev JJJh. n ,!M!,n pol .. eajr.nrh authorities to make • mm\ igatkm, In New York ™rda „ .. a ,av<lrn krpper Noma) tiiis datt.. Highest m.'uu th.s dm*. Lnwaat I! o«n this date.. Highest tins date Lowest this date I'reripitaliuo. Day* »ith ra;il tlii* ,la»i*.... Total this month to date.... I'tpHrtine fiom normal...... Total atnt-e January I.J Departure from norma! Normal tor this month tlreatcst amount this month Lia|t amount this month.... —(ill •ill M i • . >i .. S»:.5-1HM .. til MM >3 >• -.11 •JT.J1 >. —1.00 ajg ,.14..->1-1«*2 .. «.1.%-I»8l GENERAL FORECAST. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6.-Eastern New York: Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday, probably occasional rain: warmer In interior and south portions tonight; cooler in interior Friday &nd in extreme northwest portion tonight. New Jersey: Occasional rain probably tonight and Friday; not much change in temperature. Connecticut: Cloudy followed by rain late tonight or Friday; some­
what warmer tonight; cooler Fri­ day afternoon or night. General moderate shifting winds. Following are wtMther obser\at!ons taken •t 8 A. M., seventy-fifth meridian time, today for the past twenty-four hours. Tcmperatura Rainfall laat^l hrs.Bamm-last Stations. Hiirh. L'-w. eter.24hrs.Weather the distracted widow's ! nearian police have EVENT1 TONIGHT. New York city 78 A'^any ...... "d Abilene Ha Atlanta 78 Atlantic City. 80 Baltimore.... W) Bismarck ... 64 Boston 80 Buffalo 70 Charleston .. 84 Chicago 74 Cincinnati.... U'2 Cleveland ... 78 Dallas ...... 92 Denver 74 Detroit 80 Galveston ... 82 Hamilton,Ber. 82 Havana, Cuba — Helena Indianapolis,. Jacksonville.. Kansas City.. Vom Angeles.. Miami Milwaukee .. Minneapolis.. Montreal >ftw Orleans Norfolk Oklahoma City no Pensacola ... 82 Philadelphia. 78 Pittsburgh.... 74 Portland, Ms.. 80 Portland, Ors. 70 Raleigh 78 Salt Lake City !>0 San Antonio.. 112 San Diego... 7rt San Krancisco Ofi Savannah .. 88 Seattle TO St. Ix)uia.. .. .-« Tampa hH Washington... 7a Winnipeg ... 58 78 8(1 88 80 88 88 70 08 . 82 70 67 60 64 K2 36 58 64 74 r>8 58 60 70 48 5H 76 76 H2 72 r.4 «i 74 M 4.; r.8 7<> TO r,2 64 H« Z*i ,vt 7.M «4 «>; «n 56 m S3 72 tin 38 30.11 •9.14 30.00 30.08 30.08 30.22 3».14 30.02 29.9S 30.02 30.02 30.02 29.98 30.18 30.02 29. o* 30.06 29.92 30.i« 3<>. o: — Cloudv — Pt. t'ldy — Clear — Clear .26 Cloudy — Cloudy — Cloudy — Pt. Cldy — Pt. Cldy — Cloudy .34 Cloudy — Cloudy — Cloudy — Cloudy .02 Clear .06 Rain — Clear .01 Hear — Cloudy — Clear Trace Rain 2!»96 .02 Clear 30.10 - Clear 29.98 — Cloudy 29.92 .68 Clear 3li.fl4 _ pt. i/Uy 3o.1rt — Clear 30.06 — pt. Cldy 29.98 — Clear 20.01 .01 Rain 30.H8 Trace Rain 29.98 — Cluar 3O.10 — pt. Cldy 3O.0R — Clear :;0.16 — Clear 30.18 — Cloudy :>0.02 — Cloudy "0.02 Trace Rain 2-i.atl 79 M 29.98 29.9M .•tf>. 18 29.94 29.94 ao.io 30.12 .18 Clear Cloudy Clear F't. Cldy Cloud ji Main Clear Cloudy Cloudy Kl KOPK.tN WEA'IHKR. (Observations taken at 1 A. M.. E. S. T.) Barometer.Temperature.Weather. Ixindon 80.241 66 Pt cldy **»•*• 30.21 M Pt. Cldv Berlin....... 39.16 «1 Pt. Cldy Vienna 3O.09 »•*; Pt.Cldy Moscow.. 30.39 Cloudy TYPHOON STRIKES PHILIPPINE ISLE Thousands Left Homeless on Northern Luzon. A* ftapt *"•<»» ,;, *W iv , Awo.,,. •1 \. • fxwm r. *snim« dsne, Ifntf! i Phi P M TI, men i ng and '•Imnla i of Advertising Men ^ ''Kft, 8 o'clock. • i"n Club, me'tlng o'clock. Waldorf-
dinner, meeting. Hotel ttlne I,V';'H''"",n nf Superintendent*. ",r'». lutel .Ntwton, 8 o'clock. MANILA, Sept. 6 (A. P.).-Thou-
sands of residents in the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan were reported tfday to have been left homeless after one of the regular seasonal typhoons, much more se­ vere than usual, had swept over the northern tip of Luzon. While no loss of life was reported, hundreds of flimsily constructed homes collapsed under the force of the tropical storm, or were washed away in floods. Six inches of rain fell In some places. i f Latest reports indicated the dis­ turbance had struck south»r.i For­
mosa and was moving toward the northwest. Accurate data on damage to the rice and tobacco crops, principal products of the northern Luzon re­ gion, awaited restoration of wire communications, which were either torn out by the fury of the storm or undermined by the resultant floods. Roads and bridges were left in impassable shape. Reports, however, said the ty­ phoon had raged two days, lea'ving Laoag, capital of Ilocos Norte, and other towns in the area without electrical power, their only connec­
tion with the outside world the Gov­ ernment radio. The high winds had toppled many native houses, It was said, while the floods had swept away others. One town reported a twenty-four-
hour rainfall totaling 6.17 inches. Tvphoons are not uncommon at this time of the year. They usually originate among the Pacific islands several hundred miles east of here and develop in intensity as they travel westward. They move from ten to fifteen miles an hour. Sufferers from these periodic storms are given aid, almost as a matter of yearly routine, by the American Red Cross here. SHIPPING NEWS ALMANAC FOR NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 6. THE TIDES. Governors Sandy Hook. Island. A. M. P. M. A. M. P. M. Hieh watfr. .".:4."> 6:"2 6.38 Low wat.-r.tl .55 12:00 12:27 6:46 12 :34 Heil A. M. 8:50 2:51 cats. P. M 8:ST 3:08 THE SUN. Rises. A. M. 6:26 Sets. P. M. 6:22 THE MOON. Rises. A. M. 8.02 Sets. P. M. 5:13 The time qken In the above talde Is Eastern Standard time and Is furnished by Ul« United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. Add on* hour for Daylight Savins tiro*. STEAMERS DUE AT NEW YOKE. (Arrival times are from the lines offices here Bid are subject to change because of weather conditions.) The hours below are Daylight Saving time. TODAY. From . .Yarmouth Sept 5... IS SR Pier Murray at Savannah Sept 3 . .Mediterranean Portland Sept 5 St Johns Sept 1 ...Norfolk Sept 5.... Hamburg August 29. ...Haitian ports .. Puerto Cortes 6 Mi, Charles M. ...V. Jersey City. UNO, Murray st. .74 NR, W 34th st. I:M AM .25 NR. Prankdn St. 4:tS I'M .61 NR, W 21st st. 1S:3SAM I NR, Battery Place.. Noe» ...1 NR. Rector st. liHPM •air*. 1:MPM Steamers. At AIM*. Eastern CITY OF MONTGOMERY .Savannah RXOCHORDA. Amer Exp. FI.ORIOA, •astern FORT ST GKOHGB. Kurness Red Cross MADISON. Old Dominion , MANHATTAN, U S Lines MARTINIQUE. Colombian. Mt'HA. United Krult NORTHERN PRINCE, Eurness Prince Buenos Aires Aurust 18 434 at, TOMORROW. AMAPAI.A. Standard Fruit La Celba ?• EH, Peck Slip AtJI ITANIA. Cunard- White Star Southampton Sept 1 CALEDONIA. Cunard-Ancnor Glasgow August 2U-
GEOROE WASHINGTON. Old Dominion Norfolk Sept 6 HAMBURG, Hamburg-American. .Hamburg August 30. MUNARGO, Munson Havana SHAWNEE. Clyde-Mallory Miami Sept 4 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER S CALIFORNIA. Cunard- Anchor FHAVfONIA. Cunard- White Star Kl NGSHOLM. Swedish American MONARCH OF BERMUDA Bermuda Sept 6.. .Havana Sept 5.. 4:3* VM S-.tS AM 8::t» AM 3:3* PM A4 NR. W 14th st. 58 NR, W 14th st. I.HAM 3-.MPM AM .Canada, Bermuda .Canada, Bermuda .Gothenburg August 30. .2.1 NR. Franklin st. 4:SS PM . M NH. W 46th st. 11:341 AM ..64 NR, W 24th at. IS:M AM ...34 NR. Canal st. 1I:S» AM .M NR, W 14th at. 7:S» PM M NR. W 14th st. Iijar-M .97 NR. W I7th st. Fumeas Bermuda.. MORRO CASTLE. Ward PRESIDENT CLEVELAND, Dollar Far F.sat ROBERT E LEE, Old Dominion Norfolk Sept T. • DEPARTURE OF VESSELS TODAY. Steamers Palls BORINQUN Puerto Rico 3:00 *»M. aj NR. W M«li »t. ...14 ER. Wall st. PM »:SS AM 8:4* AM •Mi s«, Jersey «"•.»». S3 NR. Fra-Wiin st. 3:4* PM Pier EDWARD LUCKENBACH. Lukenbach FALCON Red D For San Domingo City. 13 ER. Maiden Malls CI*. Lane S'xim GRirsHOLM.. KOSC1USZKO LEIKANGER . MARIE HORN OKMES ....Swedish Am ....Gdynia-Am, J W El well .Ocean Dominion .American Scantle PAN BOLIVAR R L Hague PASTORES Colombian PRESIDENT MONROE....Dollar ROBERT E LEE, Old Dominion SCANPENN American Rcantic SEMINOLE Clyde-Mallory VERAGUA United Fruit WEST HUMHAW Barber Neva. .Nana. 3:4* PM. 8:4* PM Neon. S:t»P.V. .38th at. Bkljn. 8:3* PM .Pacific Coast. . Maracaibo, 11 Bklyn. Furman a*. .Gothenburg »7 NR. 57th St. .Gdynia 3Sth at, Bklyn. .Meliilo Mtn at. Bklya. .Cayenne...» ER. Catharine st. .Georgetown.48 ER, Clarkson st. .Aru1"a S. B»y«i««ie, NJ. .Cristobal 8 NB, Rector at. .World Cruise, t, Jersey City. Itt* st. .Norfolk tS NR. Franklin st. .Leningrad D. Jersey City. .Jacksonville..84 NR. Canal at. .Port Llmon.. 8 NR. Rector at. .West Africa. 36, Bklyn. Pioneer at. TOMORROW. 8 SIS-.38 AM. Yarmouth...18 NH, Murray at. IIH. iPM. 4:4* PM. 8:3ft AM 8:3S AM Noea Noon 1:38 HM 1:38 PM 9:18 AM t :38 PM 1:38 PM 9:89 AM 8.88 AM 4:88 PM S.88 PM 8:88 PM 1:88 PM. 8:88 PM. .London 88 NR. W l»th st. .St Marc.lt Bklya, Montague st. Noon t :88 PM ACADIA Eastern AMERICAN TRADER. American Merchant AMOR Royal Netherlands BERENGARIA. . _ „„ Cunard-Whits Star • :88 PM. Southampton.54 NH. W 14th st. 1:88 PM CITY OF BIRMINGHAM. Savannah MADISON Old Dominion PENNLAND Red Star ROTTERDAM . ..Holland-America 19:88 PM. VAN RENSSELAER. Ko>al Netherlands 8:89 PM. .Savannah, .Norfolk.. .Antwerp.. .Bermuda. ...48 NR. Charles sf. —- .15 NR. Franklin st. ...38 NH. W 18th st. 1:89 PM Mb at, Hoboke*. raramarihn.lt Bka, Mtague st. S:88 PM SATURDAY, SEPTEMRER 8 AMAPALA Standard Fruit 8:88 PM. CALEDONIA Cunard-Anchor Nee*. FORT ST GEORGE. Fumes* Red C'oaa 11:98 AM. GEORGE WASHINGTON, Old Dominion 1:88 PM. GEORGIC ....Cunard-Whlte Star 11:38 AM. ILE DE FRANCE French 11 :*S PM. MAURETANIA.Cunard-Whlte St'r 7:88 PM. .La Ceiba. .Glasgow.. 48 ER. Old Slip. 8:38 PM 38 NR. W 14th st. MONARCH OF BERMUDA. Furness Bermuda 3:88 PM MORRO CASTLE Ward 4:8* PM Ml NARGO Munson 3:98 PM NEBRA*KAN..Am'ican-Hawallaa PENNsvi.VANlA.Panama Pacific 11:99 AM PI.ATANO United Fruit Noon ST LOUIS Hamburg-American 11:99 AM SAN JUAN Porto Rico Noon SANTA INEZ Grace Noon SHAWNEE Clyde-Mallory Noon II.UA v. .United Fruit Noon VOLENDAM ... Holland-America 11:8* AM WESTERN PRINCE, Kurness Prince Noon .St John's 74 NH, W 34th at. 8:39 AM .Norfolk S3 NR, Franklin st. .Liverpool 58 NH, W 14th at. 1:39 AM .Havre 57 NR, W 13th st. 7:88 PM .West Indies cruise. 54 NR, Vf 14th at. 4:38 PM .Bermuda 95 NR. W r,5th at. K:39 PM .Havana 14 EH. Wall st. 1:39 PM .Havana 84 NR. W 24th st. 18:89PM .Pacific Coast ports, 8 Bnah Dorks. Bklyn, 4Sd st. 1 :•* PM .San Fr'cisco..81 NR, W 21st st. 8:98 AM .Puerto Cortes..3 NR. Morris st. 9:39AM .Hamhurg 84 NR. W 44th St. .San .Tuan .1,1 ER, Maiden Lane. 9:99 AM .Valparalso.33 Bklvn. Hamilton. 8:99 AM .Miami.... 34 NR, Canal st. .Santa Marta..» NR. Rector st. 9:39 AM -Rotterdam Mh at. Hoboke*. —— 9:39 AM ALGONQUIN, from Galveston'via Miami, Is expected at pier 30. North River (Spring st). Tuesdav forenoon. AMERICAN MERCHANT, from London, Is expected at pier 58. North River (16th st), Monday forenoon. AMERICAN SHIPPER, from Liverpool via Cohh, la expected at pier 60, N irth River (lilth st), Monday forenoon. AKTHEA (Dutch), from Maracaibo. Is *»- pected at Montague at, Brooklyn, Monday forencon. BREMEN (Cor), from Bremen via Bo-jth- amptnn and Cherbourg, la expected %t pier 86, North Rlvtr (46th at), Monday forenoon. BVRON (Oreek), from Plraetia. Is ex- pected at 58th at, Brooklyn, Monday forenoon. CAI.AMARES. from Santa Marta via Kingston, la ejtnected nt pier 7. North Ulver i Rector it), Wednesday forenoon. CHEROKEE, from Jacksonville via Charleston, Is expected at pier 34, North Hlver (("ailal at), Monday forenoon. CITV OF CHATTANOOGA, from Savan­ nah, is expected at pier 46. North River (Charles it), Tuesday forenoon. COAMO, from Santo Domingo Clly via San Juan. Is expected at pier 27, iiortu River (Hubert st), Monday forenoon. COLOMBIA, from Cristobal and Port-au- f'rlnce. Is expeeted at pier 8, East Ilivsr (Coentles Slip), Monday forenoon. FREDERIH VIII (Dan), from Copen- hagren via Oslo. Is expected at 6th st, Ilohoken, Sunday foftMOR. GATUN tHonrt), from Frontera, la ex­ pected at pier 20, East River (Peck Slip}, Monday forenoon GEROIJ8TEIN, from Antwerp via Havre, Is expected at pier D, Weehawken, Wednesday forenoon. LARA, from t-a Cuayra, Is expected at Clark at, Brooklyn, Wednesday fore­
noon. MILWAUKEE (Her), from Hamburg via Bremen, Boulogne and Galway, la ex­ pected at pier 84, North Hlver (44th st). Sunday forenoon. NKRISSA (Br), from St Thomas, is ex­ pected at pier 74, North River <34tU at). Monday forenoon. OLYMPIC? (Htl. from Southampton via Cherbourg. Is experted at pier 51. North Itivi-r (14th st), Wednesday forenoon. ORIENTK, from Vera Crux via Havana, Is expected at pier 11, East River (Wall st), Tuesday forenoon. PONCE, from San Juan. Is expected at pier 15. East r.lver (Maiden Laue), Mondav forenoon. PRESIDENT YAN Bl REN. from world cruise, is expected at 12th at, larse.r Cltv. Mondav forenoon. Ql KEN OF BF.RMI DA (Br), from Ber- muda. Is expected at pier P5, North River (.Vith st), Monday forenoon. Ql IICIGIA, from Port Llmon via Crlsto- Buenos Alres.74 NH, W 34th ot BT WIRELESS. bat and Havana, Is expected at ?ler 7, North River (Rector at), Sunday fore­
noon SANTA BARBARA, from Valparaiso via Cristobal and Havana, Is expected at Hamilton av, Brooklyn. Tuesday fore­
noon. SANTA PAULA, from Seattle xda Cnato- bal and Havana, la expected at pier 61, North River (21st at), Monday forenoon. SCYTHIA (Br), from Liverpool via Oobh, Galwav and Boston. Is expected at pier 56. North Hlver (14th at). Monday fore­
noon VEENDAM (Dutch), from Rotterdam via Boulogne and Southampton, Is exported at Sth st. Hoboken. Monday forenoon. RAIN CATCHES FLYERS GirU After Endurance Mark Tried to Get Away From It. ST. LOUIS, Sept. « (A. P.).-Jean L* Ren* and Mary Owens, the Texas girt flyers, who arrived over St. Louis last night to avoid bad weather In the Chicago district en­
countered the same conditions they sought to avoid when rain started falling here at 3 A. M. Curtiss-Stelnberg airport attaches said that there were no indications of serious weather disturbances, but that the rain might continue for some time. The flyers began the second day of their fourth try at the women's endurance mark today, and mem­bers of their refueling crew said they planned to remain over St. Louis until weather conditions im­
proved over Chicago, where they must land to perfect their record. The flying pair will attempt to re­
main in the air more than ten days to break the record of 239 hours, 40 minutes, established about a year ago by Frances Marialia and Helen Rlchey at Miami. Low Keeping City Unsettled; but High l» to Come to Reteue Saturday. The trough of low pressure shown on today's weather map, extending from Canada southwestward acroaa the lower Great Lakes and the Mis­
sissippi Valley into Texas, is re­sponsible for the somewhat mttggy weather prevalent in New York today. The low is moving very slowly eastward, and the prospects are that it will keep the weather heic unsettled, at least until some time tomorrow. The skies will remain overcast most of the time, and there is the probability of oc­
casional showers tonight and to­
morrow. The temperatures wiil re­
main moderate. The high pressure area, now cen­
tered over the Dakotas, also is moving toward the East, a little to the northward of the low trough. Its effect should begin to be felt in New York on Saturday morning. The winds will shift to the north­
ward as a result of the high's ap­ proach, and the temperatures will be decidedly lower. Whether the high will also bring clear weather cannot yet be determined. The chances for a fair week end, accord­
ing to the local weather bureau, are probably a little better than 50 per cent. Centered at sea, some two hun­
dred miles northeast of the Ba­
hamas, is a tropical storm of gak force but small area. Its direction has not yet been determined. One other feature emerges from the weather situation today. The most extensive frost deposit of the season waa reported over tbe north­
ern plains States, particularly in eastern North and South Dakota and in Minnesota. Martlewt Cocktail. ' One part gin. One part apricot brandy. • One part French . ermoutfa. Dash of bitters. White Lady. "On a recent trip to England. I had a drink called White Lady, writes a Boston reader. "Can you advise me how this is made?" I cannot. Possibly some other Trailer will oblige. CopyriElit, 1934. All Rights Reserved. Nothing in nature's sober found But »n eternal health goes round. —Cowley. The charge that brewers are making beer out of malt sirup is easily refuted, according to the United States Brewers Association. Malt sirups are made from malt through an operation of concentration, and it is therefore obviously less expensive and more satisfactory to mash the malt grains direct. There has been no change, In the nature of a short cut, affecting the fermentation of wort and generally speaking, the method of fermenta­
tion, depending on the operation of yeast and time, has been little changed since the manufacture of beer was first practiced "It is errant nonsense," says CD. Williams, secretary of the associa­ tion, "to accuse brewers of adding to the strength of beer by the addi­
tion of spirits. Not only is such a practice forbidden by law and re­
quires a special form of license or storage permit, not issued to brew­ ers, but the present form of ac­
counting returns required by the Federal Government make it im­ practical for any such practice to be used. * "The average period of time of lagering of the malted beverage to­ day in most breweries in the United States is two months. "The reason why spent grains are today dried and sold as a cattle feed by-product is that there la a definite recovery value in such a market. "Over a period of several hun­
dreds of years in all tbe countries of the world, the average alcoholic strength of all beers and ales brewed is from 2-9 per cent to 4 per cent by weight. "This average would come very close to that determined by actual measurement of the output of all brewers in the United States at this time." (To be continued.) quiries on wines and liquors, their selection and how to ke«>p, serve and consume them. Then* journey* "Along the Wine TraU" appear daily in The bun. ABRAHAM tf ti! The "NAPOLEON' off Domestic Rums v "La Rita'! f IA This department answers aU In- 1.98 riftb Rum is the base for man; a Harming "u Inter" drink. And "La Rit»." we find. I» the rum that Is brim bought steadily by these who want an inexpeasit,: oottle. ABRAHAM A STRAUS WINE * LIQUOR STORE 11 Gallatin Place, Brooklyn Retail Usatf Store Lie. Ns. L-a It mberland 6-6000 This Is the ninth of s series of articles on The Truth About Beer. Four Horses Die In Burning Barn RIVERHEAD, L. I.. Sept 6-A large barn on the farm of J. Howell Benjamin at Baiting Hollow, five miles north of this village, was de­ stroyed by fire at a late hour last night. Four horses perished in the flames and 2,000 bushels of potatoes and fifty tons of hay were also de­ stroyed. The damage is estimated at approximately $10,000, part of which is covered by insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin were away at the time of the fire, the cause of which has not been deter­ mined, and no one else was known to have been at the farm. Firemen from Riverhead and neighboring farmers were able to save a riding pony, a cow and a calf and to pre­ vent the blaze from spreading to other structures. > "Along the Wine Trail" VOLUME H The second volume of articles by O. Seuner Fougner printed In this column la now available. The booklet contains the following: History of dlstillation-WHlSKY. Rye, Bourbon, Scotch and Irish; OIN, Holland. English and American; history of LIQUKURS from ail parts of the world; CIDER, Applejack; MALTED LIQUORS.'Beer and Ale; a few selected recipes for cocktails, punches, cups and fiszes; also advice and recipes for amateur win* makers. VOLUMI I o/ fate series—o/ which a eecond printing is now ready— contained Mr. Fougnfe article* on wines of the world, and how to buy, keep, terve and con-
sums them. "Along the Wine Trail" < Vol­
umes I and ID will be mailed upon receipt of fifteen cents for each, addressed to the Service Department, The Son»tM Broad* way, New York. Queatione and Answers. "In your first articles on the wines of Italy,'1 writes a Bronxville <N. Y.) Trailer, "you told a de­lightful story about the wine known as 'Est-Est.' Yet F. Morton Shand, to whom you have referred as an outstanding authority on wines, speaks of it as 'the stupid and pretty certainly apochryphal story of the valet of the Bavarian Bishop Fuggcr, who, being on a pilgrimage to the Holy City, got no further than Montefiascone and died n beatitude of a surfeit of its wine.' "I enjoyed your story when 1 first read it in 'The Wine Trail' and would like to know whether you have any further authority to prove its veracity." This letter, received some time ago, has been held up pending re­
ceipt of a reply to an inquiry sent directly to Italy by this writer. That reply Is now at hand, and it seems to leave no doubt as to the authenticity of the Est-Est story. "The Bishop story is absolutely true," writes our correspondent in Rome. "And what may be of addi­
tional interest is the fact that he left in his will a sum of money to provide for the pouring over his tomb of a certain quantity of wine on each anniversary of his death. This was continued, though I fear little of the wine other than the dregs reached the tomb, amid great rejoicing until a few years befora the war. "The Bishop's tomb, with a fine old worn effigy. Is in the floor of the quaint old church of San Flari- anno, outside the walls of the an­ cient Etruscan city of Montefias­
cone." Travel WARD © unc A Gay VACATION on the famous T. E. L. "MORRO CASTLE" Saatas evart Satarday st 4 P. SL frees New Vera tmrSJ gaataasatr to, t«'-lusii» Sail on one of the two newest, finest, fastest vessels in exclusive Havana service—with five passenger decks.electric elevators, great lounges, sports areas, promenades and the new sea-spray baths on deck. Experienced Cruise Directors. Two days and one night in Havana with maintenance aboard steamer, two sightseeing trips and luncheon atop one of Havana's leading hotels included in cost. NO PASSPORTS-NO TAXES. For iUi»«T»ud litrrsturr and rei<wstiosi..*BBli em SasssHaf TeaeM AttmmCmfiut Dtr*-.P<erl].e.K..Ft vf WtUSt.vVptownOfu, 545 Fi/is Ave.. H- T. Cur (R*«tv»«m Phone liumbtr.JQim 4-18J0). Resorts* Hew Jaraay-atiatte CKy. SSSSXBECSBSSa UmiSBtt-IOlAl AT THI SHOII laesa —atlas aar... 8s»Hs*yi saasalas ...bathlafliaaaaalalsaH'. lajwlias «a* *t*Mat st Tks Traraaava. «aa backs Dress Use earf la Health Maeta awls ••*• •ssnarsass Twa AT Tltl OCMM? 1001 • ATIANTIC CITV EZEEZ 10 niDAY-SATUtOAY-SUNDAY »OOM 8ATM and MfAtS—— MADISON S'lCIAl WlllUT 8ATIS ATLANTIC CITI, N. i. Uriahtsr and Mora Attract Iva than Ever. THR ISHAMIIIOI Allsstle City. N. I. Aatarleaa eat For Epicures and Hostesses THE WINE COOK BOOK By the Brount—Cora. Rose and Bob "A aalaaa seek keek wklek will it. llfM the eviears as* the tea. aeltstar tf fastis »«• frisks." —Sew York Times. With menu and chapters en wines and mixed drinks. S2.S0. LITTLE, BROWN A COMPANY Travel. THE OEEP SEA ^ROUTE AROUND APEGODTO BOSTON A dalishrfol short sea rrlp-Satardayi-JJ hoar* of restful, las* perfect ocean travel at its heat. Taeadara sad Thursdays via Lo*8 Islasa Soaed sad Cape Cod Canal-19 hours. ONI %*w%% ROUND %% maa WAY § TRIP MM Including meals A stateroom accornmodatioa ALSO AU-EXPENSE CRUISES 9 DAYS •!*,••• 4 DAYS •fl*6tt ORCHESTRAS - DANCE CAFES SAILIN88: Tuts.. Than., Sat.. • P. M. D.8.T. Nn passenger sailing: Sept. ft-20 Pststsser aeetasasltd tars 17.SO sad 11(1.08 SAVANNAH LINE •ler 46. North Rlvar— S5IFrfrhAv*.,»o*fa20o. New York City At.VYI LINES-Florida. Texas. Mexloo. Poilo Rlro, Han Domingo, MS ftW Ave., N. V. Resorts. Pannarttaaia TMB INN AT SUCK HILL PALLS. PINNA. IT hales golf, all mans, artistes. IntaptntiM. Ntw Tark Office, BOO Plrth Aranns. LAcktatnaa 4-4211 LAST 9 DAY r>, . , CRUISE TO ^*€*1-1-- NASSAU AND BERMUDA ON THE S. S. ROTTERDAM Friday, September 7th SsMisa 10:00 P. at. tDsylilht savlsr time) BRING TOUR BAGGAGE to the DOCK Berths sow available frets $85 ap HoIlaniJ-AniPT'irti Pitr :aot oi ."itli St., Hoboken, near 23d ct. Ferry Ter­
minal. Baa connections *«t> tins sailing li.ne Hotel Commodore 7:30 P.M. 7:50 P.M. 8:00 P.M. Hotel McAlpin Hotel Pennsylvania HOLLAND AMERICA In co-operation with the AMERICAN EXPRESS rksi Ste The ideal way to travel TROJAN *•! atNSSElAE .. .pleasant, economical — and saves a day on your journey. A delightful over- night sail up the Hudson on roomy steam­
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lug points . Saeslat SaaSae eastlaa from Pier 62, N R. only as 10 P M to Catsktll, Hudson and Albany Also night wrrlce to Mew-
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